Pollination Sensation – Honey Bee Facts

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Buzzin around, checking out some flowers. Honey bees keep at it for hours and hours.

They’ve got that aerial pollen crazy binge power, spreading goodness and fertilizing crops for us to devour. 

Honey Bees are our bros. Primarily for their honey and fertilizing prowess. There are  over 20,000 species of bees with only seven being honey bees. 

1. Queen Bee

There can only be one! The queen bee only takes about 2 weeks to develop from larvae. She’s fed a diet of “royal jelly”. This alters her growth from being a normal run of the mill bee bro, to becoming the next princess. Wait, Queen. She gets to skip the small stuff. 



She mates with multiple drone males and houses their sperm in a spermatheca. It’s basically a place where she holds on to the sperm for that genetic diversity. Don’t hate the playa.

After all of her womanly growing up completes, she gets to work and her bee baby larvae factor starts cranking out up to 2000 eggs a day. 

2. Dancing in the DNA

If you can’t speak you can sign. If you can’t speak and you have no fingers, well you better be good at dancing gosh darnit. 


Bees can convey specific directions to water sources, food sources, or other points of interest purely through dancing. You can see it in action in our related youtube video . That drone might look like he’s had too much red bull, but in fact he’s telling his friends what the word on the street is.  Imagine if google maps directed you through dance? That would be fierce. 

3. The Sting of Death

Barbed stingers come with a price. When a bee stings you it detaches from it’s abdomen spelling certain death. The actual barb stinger has it’s own nerves and musculature to keep pumping out that venom long after it’s dead. 

Pheromones are also released to let the other bees know that there’s a bad guy in the vicinity. 

4. Bee Products

Besides helping out humans with their fertilizing skills, bees get milked by us for tons of products. I’m sure you’ve heard of Bert’s Bees Chapstick(the good stuff). There is also honey, beeswax, royal jelly, and even bee bread. 

5. Classes of Bee Types

There are the drones, workers, and queens. Drones are exclusively male having only one set of chromosomes.  They’re mainly used for reproduction. During winter they get kicked out of the bee house for using up all the resources. They don’t even have a stinger!

The worker class has two sets of chromosomes and are the main population. Up to 60k can exist in one colony.

Finally, we have the queen. She’s created from a royal jelly diet and is responsible for powering the colony. 

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