Best Leather Dog Collars


Leather is a common, sturdy option for dog collars. They not only look great, but feel great in your hands. The best part? Leather is like a fine wine – it gets better with age. The natural patina of leather brings out beautiful colors & grains. 


There’s 5 main dog collars to consider in your quest to find the best dog collar type. They include: rolled dog collars, padded leather dog collars, western tooled dog collars, leather stud dog collars, and spiked dog collars. Each type has it’s pros and cons.

Verdict: We love the variety of this leash, the fact that it’s made in America, and that there are so many options to get the perfect fit and color for your dog. A consistent praise we found in reviews was “quality”. It’s clear by the hardware and stitching that this is made to last a long time.

Verdict:  Three sizes, six colors, quality craftsmanship and a lifetime guarantee.  This dog collar has over 1400 reviews and a 4.5 rating. We like this company, they really care about their product and it shows.

Customers seem to love the product as well. The large d-ring makes attaching a leash easy. The lifetime guarantee puts you at peace of mind. A couple customers reported the interior padding fading rather quickly, but the criticism was not consistent. If your dog has sensitive skin or doesn’t tolerate collars well, this is a great choice. 

Verdict: Tooled dog collars take more time than regular styles to make. They are by nature handmade. Usually this makes them a bit more expensive. We love the outcome though, and this collar is a perfect example of why. They do tend to run smaller, so make sure your dogs neck does not exceed 17.5 inches. 

The Verdict: Coming in at three sizes: small(15-19″), medium(16-21″), and large(18-25″). This should fit most dogs. It’s currently under 20 bucks as well. Quality hardware, greater than average thickness, and good stitching means this is a recommendation we’re proud of. Plus, it’s kind of pretty isn’t it? It’s like the white collar cousin of the spiked dog collar. 

The Verdict: If you’re ever in a shady situation, we have just the collar for you! Who needs weapons or any self defense training? This collar can impale someone! Okay but seriously, this was the spikiest collar we could find. It looks pretty cool, and if your dog was a rocker in a past life we’re sure they’ll love it too. It’s only 14 bucks right now.