Dog Bathing 101: False Myths and Best Practices

Dog Bathing: False Myths and Best Practices False myths and beliefs about dog bathing generate many doubts and questions in the minds of dogs’ owners, who are even more confused by a thousand information they try to collect from  different sources: web, vets, friends, groomers… each of them will probably have a different point of […]

7 Reasons To Answer the Question – Why Are Dogs so Loyal?

Why are Dogs so Loyal? Dogs are loyal, we know that. They bark at anyone that gets near us, and naturally want to protect us. Unfortunately we can’t count on cats to fend off intruders, but they are great at producing hairballs. Dogs have been considered more loyal than other pets, say cats. This has […]

The Top 10 Friendliest Dog Breeds – Happy Happy Joy Joy

After the saying that a dog is man’s best friend, it would sound unfair to use words like mean, aggressive and dangerous to describe one. The truth is that not all dogs exhibit a friendly demeanor especially to other people and pets. With over 300 dog breeds available all over the world, choosing one that […]

10 Amazing Places To Take Your Dog On A Rainy Day – We Promise ;)

Beaming with excitement for the day ahead. You wake up, post about your liquid diet on instagram. It’s practically altered your DNA at this point. You’ve been on it for nearly three days. After you’ve received a sufficient amount of likes and waited an appropriate amount of time you post again. This time you say […]

The Best 10 Dogs For Kids – Your Rugrats Need Playmates

Love, trust, and friendship are perhaps the biggest thing a family pet can teach. Some dogs have a little more patience than others as a right of genetics. If you are looking for a wholesome addition to your family and don’t mind the potty training; then we have ten choices for you. 10. Beagle Playful, […]