10 Reasons Dogs are Better than a Boyfriend(or Girlfriend!)

1. They wont cheat on you That’s right, let’s start out heavy. Your doggy will never cheat on you! Occasionally they might give someone else attention if they have a ball or something new, but the loyalty of a dog to its owner is unfathomable by human standards. As a significant other can become.. insignificant, […]

why are dogs so loyal__

7 Reasons To Answer the Question – Why Are Dogs so Loyal?

Why are Dogs so Loyal? Dogs are loyal, we know that. They bark at anyone that gets near us, and naturally want to protect us. Unfortunately we can’t count on cats to fend off intruders, but they are great at producing hairballs. Dogs have been considered more loyal than other pets, say cats. This has […]

top 10 friendliest dog breeds

The Top 10 Friendliest Dog Breeds – Happy Happy Joy Joy

After the saying that a dog is man’s best friend, it would sound unfair to use words like mean, aggressive and dangerous to describe one. The truth is that not all dogs exhibit a friendly demeanor especially to other people and pets. With over 300 dog breeds available all over the world, choosing one that […]