Best Dog Playpen Guide – The Superior Option To Crates

Dog playpens are the best option for keeping your dog contained in a safe space. Compare them to crates and it’s a no-brainer why dog owners prefer them. As pet owners it’s impossible to have your dog roam free all of the time unsupervised unless you have had the amazing luck of owning an absolute […]

Top 7 Best Automatic Dog Water Dispensers – Quench The Thirst!

Best Automatic Dog Water Dispensers Not everyone has time to keep filling up a water bowl, sometimes we might even be reminded when our dog starts drinking from the toilet. Thankfully, there is a solution to make sure your dog has clean water whenever they need it. The automatic dog water dispenser is here to […]

Best Dog Accessories for the Cold – The Ultimate Winter Proofing Guide

A cold air approaches, you turn to see if your mother-in-law stopped by.. she’s not there. It must be something else. You walk across the living room. Maybe the Night King is coming you think? But no, Game of Thrones isn’t on either. Winter.. Winter is actually coming, as the seasons would have it! In […]

Top Ten Manly Dogs – Testosterone Fueled Amazement

Do you take turns without your blinker? Maybe you have a lifted truck with a muffler kit on it? You know what we’re talking about. PURE MANLINESS. What can MULTIPLY the juices running through your veins? A macho manly dog of course.  Here’s our list, buckle your seat-belts.  10. Akita If you’re cunning, hatching plans […]

The Perfect Little City Dog – Top 10 Dogs For Apartment Living

If you’re living in an apartment.. space is a big deal,  but so is companionship.  Here we give you ten dogs that make trusty adorable friends, and also live well in smaller spaces. In no particular order. Little City Dog List 10. Yorkshire Terrier(Sassy) A constant theme among small dogs is confidence. The yorky is […]