11 Best Dogs for First Time Owners – Good Boy Approved

Are you thinking about owning a dog for the first time? You will be acquiring the world’s most popular pet, owned by over 33% of pet owners.  With over 340 recognized breeds and several other provisional ones, looking for the perfect dog may not be so easy. With commitment and proper preparation, any dog can […]

slip lead

Slip Leads Guide – Pros and Cons

There are different collars available for walking, training, and identifying your dog. There are also collars used purely as fashion statements. It is important to check the different leash varieties before you finally purchase the right one for your dog.  There are collars that come with quick-release clasps, and metal buckles. They also come in […]

Dog Camping Tips and Checklist

Dog Camping Tips and Checklist – Cozy Cuddling Initiate!

Thinking of going camping with your dog? Any pup would certainly jump at the chance to experience the great outdoors with their pet parent and they are likely to adorably stick their head outside the car window while driving along. Camping with dogs is always a great experience for both pups and pet parents. Camping […]

6 Reasons You Should Own a German Shepherd

A breed of large dogs that originates in Germany, the German shepherd is a working dog originally developed for guarding and herding sheep. Strong, intelligent, and obedient, in today’s world, they are often employed in military and police roles all over the world. The German Shepherd has become an icon of loyalty and courage and […]

winter dog

The Importance of Winter Grooming – Stayin’ Dapper

Contrary to popular belief, grooming your dog is not just a thing that you do during hot weather. Plenty of pet parents think that their four-legged best friend do not get as dirty during winter time and does not need a bath or grooming. However, frequent grooming is vital if you want your little rascal […]