10 German Dog Breeds, Unleash the Panzer

10 german dog breeds

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10 german dog breeds

When talking about Germany, many stereotypes come to the mind: Beer, Bratwurst, Cars… but when it comes to breeds of dogs, you might just rattle one or two breeds off the top of your head.

Can you guess how many breeds of dogs are of German origin? One, two, twenty… well, at least 37! 

Should it be your intention to add a new doggie into your house or you’re simply curious; we have an overview of the best German dog breeds. 

1. German Shepherd

german shepherd puppy

This world famous shepherd dog originated in the late nineteenth century, and it is part of the Dogs’ Olympus. It stands out for intelligence, trainability, and obedience. It adapts and integrates into many human tasks and, for this reason, it is involved in fighting terrorism, as anti-drug dog, to accompany people with low vision and so on. It is an excellent pet and it loves protecting children and the family members.  Its most important feature is loyalty.

2. Rottweiler


This is one of the most famous breeds of German origin. At first, it was used to accompany the cattle, then to pull carts loaded with meat to the markets, a job that made it known in Europe with the nickname of “butcher’s dog“.

Medium and large, with a muscular and strong body, the Rottweiler is an animal with a good character, calm, obedient and always attentive. It is a very intelligent breed. It has a natural instinct to protect its family and can become fierce in defending it. This is why, from an early age this dog requires being socialised. It is a very affectionate dog if you are firm and determined.

3. Dobermann


Its name comes from its creator, Karl Friedrich Dobermann Lous who began a project to develop a breed that perfectly suited to guard, protection and control at the end of the nineteenth century. Erroneously regarded as a dangerous dog, the Doberman is endowed with great intelligence and possesses a calm and secure character. It is a very obedient, intrepid, attentive, faithful and energetic animal.

It loves playing and it is docile with children. When it lifts on two legs, it can reach 2 meters height.

4. Boxer

brindle boxer

It has a medium size and was created by the crossbreed between a bulldog and the old German mastiff (Bullenbeisser or simply Bullen). It was used in World War I and II to send messages, collect the bodies of wounded soldiers or to transport cables. After the Second World War it landed on the American continent.

It has an impressive head, pronounced jaws, long ears always on alert and short hair – which can be fawn or brindle. It is an active, loyal and alert dog that requires a good dose of daily physical activity and mental stimulation.

It loves playing, but it is also stubborn, especially if you use very hard training methods.

5. Dachshund

The well-known Dachshund is of German origin and its appearance is due to a genetic mutation (dwarfism). Its extremities are very short compared to the length of the body. Another name for this breed is Teckel, and its first appearance is dated back to 1888. It is one of the favorite dogs of the European monarchies (Queen Victoria owned several ones). It has a strong personality and can be stubborn. Therefore, you’d better train it since It is a puppy.

6. Schnauzer


It is one of the oldest still existing dog breeds of German origin (it even appeared in the fifteenth century). The name is linked to its characteristic moustache. It was created to hunt and chase small prey and its home town is Württemberg. Schnauzers are friendly, affectionate, protective and full of energy. This dog is comfortable with other dogs and can live peacefully with children. However, it must be taken into account that this dog tends to bark very often because of its guardian instinct. If you want to adopt one, remember to brush it every day.

7. Weimar Bracco


This is the dog of the famous Grand Duke Karl August of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach. This breed is included among the short-haired Retriever dogs and its fur is often brown or greyish. Puppies have got blue eyes, which turn into turquoise or amber in adulthood. It is very easy to a train a Weimar Bracco and it behaves just fine as a watchdog. Furthermore, it is obedient and loving. Elegant, energetic and fair at same time, it is an ideal dog for very active families as well as sport, excursion and walk lovers.

8. Landseer


The Landseer breed is widely used as a working dog as well as to search and rescue people. Smart, kind and elegant, it has a sweet and courageous personality.  Friendly with children, it is a great swimmer and it is very valuable as a rescue dog.

The Landseer dog is often confused with the Newfoundland. One of the great differences between the two is the black and white color as well as the temperament. It is much more agile.

9. Bavarian mountain hound

bavarian mountain hound

Calm and balanced, this breed of dog is very affectionate with its owner and reserved with strangers. It is a bold but docile breed. Its origin dates back to Germany in the mid-nineteenth century, when it was used to find the traces of wounded people on the mountains.

Nowadays, the Bavarian mountain hound is located in the southern alpine regions, and acts especially as a trail dog in the forest parks. It is also used in hunting some alpine animals.

10. Pinscher


The last, but not the least. Here is the one to close this special list dedicated to the Top 10 German dog breeds: the German Pinscher. A proud animal, medium size, strong musculature, elongated nose and slightly bent ears. It has a black or brown, thick and short hair. It is a lively and attentive animal that remains cautious in the presence of strangers.

These are all general indications because, it is well known that every dog has its own characteristics and each of them is special. To make a choice on the breed that best suits you and your family, it is important to take all the necessary time not only to understand if you are ready to live with a dog, but also to identify the one that is going to be your best friend for many years. Of course, a good German breed dog will be a good companion to make your days special.

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