20 Low Maintenance Dog Breeds

20 low maintenance dog breeds

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Your dog is your second in command, and when you’re deciding on a breed you might want to think about how much work it is to maintain their health. And yours for that matter! If your dog needs regular grooming appointments(expensive), makes you sneeze, or is prone to health problems, these can become big issues down the road.
Some people even have to give up their dogs over things like allergies or health problems. These are very real concerns and our list aims to help you make an informed choice if you’re searching. We included consistent criteria to find the most low maintenance dogs.
Are they hypoallergenic? All dogs listed here will be very unlikely to make you have allergies.
What is their lifespan? (small dogs will have the edge here, but we will go by averages within sizes)
Do they require much grooming or shed frequently? Apologies to Golden Doodle’s, you won’t be making this list!
Is the Breed prone to health issues?

Maltese Terrier

The Maltese Terrier is an incredibly playful dog. They are very small in stature topping out at about 9 lbs. They do not have an undercoat, and that is a theme for hypoallergenic breeds. Without an undercoat there is much less shedding, and sneezing. Originating from the Mediterranean, they meet several of our criteria and make a great choice for a low maintenance dog. 

maltese terrier

Chinese Crested

Despite it’s curious appearance, this dog isn’t as prissy as it looks. We think a big part of that reputation is on the owners instead of the dog. The Chinese Crested is considered a hairless breed, although it does have fur in certain spots. They’re a very sweet and affectionate dog but also independent. They rank highly on our list for living a long time, begin hypoallergenic, and not prone to health problems. 

chinese crested

Peruvian Inca Orchid

A larger option than the previous two, the Inca Orchid is a medium sized breed. I’m sure you’ve guessed where they originated! Besides Machu Picchu and Alpacas, this is the true gem in our hearts. The gene that causes hairlessness also affects teeth, which means they usually lack molars and premolars. This can cause issues. They’re very sensitive to toxins. 

inca orchid


The mixing of a Labrador and a Poodle brings desirable  traits from both breeds. It can also have some setbacks, both parent breeds are susceptible to hip dysplasia. But, through proper screening of breeding pairs, you can get yourself a great large low maintenance dog. Similar to Golden Doodle’s, the appeal to owning one of these is largely because they don’t shed much and you still get to enjoy their rambunctious personality. 



A dog whose top speed is up there in the highest of the highs. Usain Bolt would find this dog a challenge, they can reach 43 MPH. So, if they were trucking it through a school zone.. watch out that’s a ticket. The Saluki is a very fast, very smart, yet relaxed breed. Their lifespan is certainly on the higher end of a dog this large, living up to 14 years. They almost look like someone stretched out a golden. 

Portuguese Water Dog

When Poseidon decides to transform into a lovable canine, it will be  the Portuguese water dog. They are known to be “working dogs”, which means that they aren’t just for show. There are some brains behind these guys, and behind those brains are some submarine propellers. They are known for their swimming capabilities. Originally they used to herd fish to help fishermen, or various other activities which involved them taking a dive. They are a rarer breed and gained notoriety by being chosen as Barack Obama’s pet. Generally healthy, with an average life span for a dog of their size. 

Kerry Blue Terrier

Another working dog makes our list, the Kerry Blue Terrier. It was originally used to hunt down vermin but with it’s apt intelligence it has proved itself capable in nearly anything you can teach a dog. Not as appealing visually as some dog breeds, this relates directly to it’s popularity. We think they’re a great option by our criteria. They don’t shed, they live up to 15 years, won’t make you sneeze, and are healthier than most. 

It is the national dog of Ireland. They have a reputation of being hard to socialize with other pets. This has come to light as being false, they just need to get used to being socialized with others. 

kerry blue terrier

Giant Schnauzer

For it’s size(up to 110lbs for males) the Giant Schnauzer has a great life span of up to 15 years. The sleek black coat with impeccable posture has made this a stylish choice. 

But that wasn’t it’s intention! They are commonly used as working dogs, primarily to guard people, places, or livestock. It is more territorial than most breeds and must be socialized to strangers. On the other hand, they’re very loyal to people they know and trust.  

Unfortunately they do require a decent amount of maintenance. Needing to be groomed regularly. 

giant shnauzer with a log in the park

Bolognese Dog

Yes it makes us think about food too, and it does the same to google. Type the name of this breed into search and you will be greeted by sauces. This breed also originates from Italy and is known for it’s companionship. They’re known to be pretty chill. Living up to 14 years, and hypoallergenic. Win win. 

We hear they also make a good pillow if you can convince one to stay still long enough. Not prone to any health issues, this is a great low-maintenance breed. 

Labrador Retriever

Mr. Tennis ball and chill right here ladies. The Lab loves to go get things, and that’s about all he cares about. As long as you pet him occasionally and give him food. A large breed, they can tip the scale at 80lbs. That’s about 300 apples. They do require some grooming but in all other facets of being an easy dog to take care of, they’re a home run. 

They come in two colors, white or black. Although you do see some with a more golden hue. They are smart enough and kind enough to be perfect therapy dogs.

Labrador retriever

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

Chances are you’ve never heard or seen this breed if you’re in the United States. They are a rarity. Their name stems from their wirey coat, and they keep comfortably warm in colder weather because of it. Which helps when it’s out hunting or being used as a gun dog. This breed was designed as a working class dog and came into existence in 1873. 

It has an outcoat/undercoat yet it still hardly sheds. Like most working dogs, they require a decent amount of activity to stay happy. Since it’s what they were bred for and all that. 

I mean truly, how could we not include a dog with a name like this? It makes us think of a wire brush, and we certainly love cleaning. 

wirehaired pointing griffin


We couldn’t leave out the little barking machine that is also known as a Chihuahua. Yes, to this day we still have to spell check every time we type that word. 

If you want to know how we feel about these little devil spawn, you can read our article here. The dirty truth is that we love them and they make great pets that can handle being on their own. Don’t underestimate their stature. They also don’t shed that much, and because of their small body mass they have less dander to produce. 

Living at the top end of the life span category, up to 20 years. A testament to the breed. 

chihuhuahua puppy

Ibizan Hound

We’re shocked that Ibiza isn’t just a place to party and listen to EDM music. Yes, there is a reputable dog breed with roots from the region. The Ibizan hound. It’s hard to come by larger breeds that meet our criteria, but this one is in rhythm to our needs. 

They are an athletic agile breed of dog with a very short coat. Their life span is a notch average for a large breed and they rarely shed. Like all hounds, their medical  concerns are minimal. The biggest thing to watch out for is hereditary retinal issues, but it’s rare for them to have any problems at all.For our large dog breeds this is the winner, coming as close to perfection of a low maintenance dog as possible. 

ibizan hound


We introduce to you the Beagle. The newest Royal Dog in England is from a rescue in Kentucky. Low maintenance in a high position of authority. We hope he prefers BBQ to tea and crumpets. 

A breed bred to hunt hares. Bugs Bunny is not a fan. They’re smart dogs with a great sense of smell. Easy to train, healthy, hypoallergenic, and a good life span of up to 15 years. Most dog breeds have sprung into existence in the last century, the beagle has origins from Ancient Greece. Small hounds have been around for an extremely long time. In English literature the word beagle first popped up in 1475. 

So next time someone shows you their toy labracho or whatever the next name of dog breeds will be, you show them the OG ruling the palace. 


Yorkshire Terrier

Affectionately called Yorkies by their owners, Yorkshire Terries are an extremely popular breed. They have beautiful coats and they don’t shed much. Of all dogs that are registered, they rank 6th. With a life span of up to 16 years, they live longer than most. 

But they are susceptible to many genetic issues. Since the breed is so popular there has been a substantial amount of inbreeding. So it’s important to do your research on who you’re purchasing from. Look at the parents and see how they’re holding up.

They meet 3 of 4 of our criteria, but health is a huge concern. So that is definitely a knock on the breed. Despite that, they can live a very long time. 

yorkshire terrier


The national dog of Cuba is pretty darn low maintenance, don’t let the hair fool you. The only native bred of Cuba, we have heard that it tends to enjoy beaches and fine cigars.

 Hypoallergenic, a long life span, and good health. While their hair doesn’t shed, it does require grooming.


Puli(No Bad Hair Days)

We get a very reggae vibe from this breed. Was Bob Marley reincarnated? Are those… dreads? No! It’s just the beautiful mane of the Puli. They’re a medium sized dog that come from Hungary, related to the Komondor. 

It’s a working class of dog. They could get lost in the sheep they herd if you don’t pay close attention. Athletic and agile, they’re the equivalent of the guy in the gym you don’t expect to be good.. but then he balls out. 

Another historic breed, they date back to 2000 years ago in Asia. You probably haven’t heard of them, as they aren’t popular in the states. We find them to be cute behind all that hair. 



Also going by the name of the Little Lion Dog. We don’t see the resemblance but chalk it up to it being in the heart, and not the looks. It’s an extremely rare breed. Every year there are fewer than a hundred registrations. Which means you probably couldn’t get one if you tried. Do you want one now? Do ya do ya? 

They have been traced back all the way to 1442. That was in the Bronze Age or something like that. They’re hypoallergenic and adorable, we’re genuinely surprised so few of them exist. If you have a Lowchen please share it with us in the comments or on instagram, we’d love to see it 🙂



A beautiful hunting dog. The Basenji can live up to 16 years and is a medium sized breed that won’t make you sneeze. They’re pretty chill, low maintenance, and don’t require grooming.

They’re known for not barking as much as other dogs. Their howl has been described as a yodel. This is due to their larynx which is shaped outside of the norm. 


Bouvier des Flandres

A working dog originating from Flanders, Belgium. They are hypoallergenic with a thick double coat. A forward leaning posture gives them an aggressive look, but in reality they’re sweethearts.

One of the largest low maintenance breeds, they can top in at up to 120lbs for males. They were used in farming tasks and some herding. A former Presidential dog, Reagan had one of these bad(good) boys.

bouvier des flandres

What does it mean if a dog is Hypoallergenic?

Firstly, all dogs shed(not just hair). It is a dog’s dander and saliva that are the most likely culprits of allergic reactions. 

This flashy word hit the scene in 1953 in the cosmetics industry. A person writing ads out of a NY advertising basement decided to be the next Shakespeare. 

The word actually just means not likely to cause allergies. It’s nothing special beyond that. So, the criteria of defining if a dog is hypoallergenic or not is somewhat subjective and other parts rational. What we think of when it comes to the word is if the breed is less likely to produce allergens. 

What can be a contributing factor to allergies that some breeds can eliminate? Hair. Those little particles that fly into your noise giving you sneezing fits. Seeing this as our number one criteria, we define any dog that has no undercoat and doesn’t shed as hypoallergenic. Hairless dogs win by default. Who said being bald/shaven wasn’t sexy.. ask Mr. Clean. 

How did you define healthy?

This was a hard point for us to figure out. As you may have noticed through your life experiences or research, all dog breeds are prone to certain health issues. That’s just the way of life for everyone, humans included. 

So for us, we only looked at things that really stood out and made note of them. For example Labradoodles can inherit susceptibility to hip dyspepsia from both of their parents, so it was important to make a point. Or when it comes to a pug and how their anatomy affects their breathing in some instances.

We don’t have a perfect metric, and this is a fairly subjective evaluation if a breed is “healthy” or not. 

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