Dog Breed: The Golden Retriever

golden retriever

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The Greek God of Beauty and Partying

If you met a golden retriever at a party, he would be the guy that is smiling from ear to ear for no reason at all. Kind of a Will Ferrel type I’d say. You’d probably think he’d gotten a new prescription or finalized his divorce but nope, that’s just Max over there people would say. Max is a happy guy!

In this weeks breed breakdown we check out the Golden’s. Really, they should be America’s animal. They’ve been deemed the land version. I would much rather pet one than a Bald Eagle. They can’t compare with the undiluted orb of happiness that encompasses the golden’s being. 

golden retriever

Apparently, the American type of Golden is the weakest in terms of musculature. We figure this is because of it’s immense brain power, it couldn’t support the extra calories muscles would take. Because it’s a keen animal. 

Golden Retriever Lifespan

They typically live 10-12 years after which point they realize they are too cool for you and take off for doggie heaven. But, in reality the memories will last forever!

Famous Goldens

The most recent white house big shot was Victory. She belonged to Ronald Reagan. 

Oprah Winfrey and Adam Levine also own goldens, so that’s pretty cool if you ask us. 

But perhaps you’re asking yourself..hmm? Wasn’t there that one..YES. In 1997 a finely scripted movie hit the markets. Blasting away preconceived notions of what and what not a golden retriever is capable of. You guessed it right… Air Bud! 

famous golden retriever


Ask yourself, is it edible? If your answer is yes then it is in their diet whether it’s good for them or not. 

Ask yourself again, is it not edible but big enough to fit in their mouth? Then to a golden, this is additionally edible. 

Golden Retriever Price

Huge range here! It can vary between 500 and 3000 dollars. It really depends on the breeder.

By the way! If you do go to a breeder, make sure you do your homework on them.

You’ll want to try to avoid the emotional attachment that comes with love at first pet. Make sure they have references, check out the parents, and the premises. Talking to a breeder and getting a feel if they’re purely running a business or if their pets are well cared for. 


Golden Retrievers are awesome. Go get you one! 

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