Dog Breed: The German Shepherd

German Shepherd

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I'll Bite The Shit Out Of You

 German Shepherds have bitten the shit out of many a bad guy. Given the classification as a “working dog”, the breed has been found especially useful to humans. Did I mention they’ll bite the shit out of you if you’re a bad guy? Cops love them for their shit biting of people capabilities. 

German Shepherds have a high aptitude of learning. Trained properly they make great pets. Imagine having an obedient protector in your household? Dog food is much cheaper than a subscription to a security company.

The breed actually isn’t old at all in terms of age. They originated in 1899. In dog breed lineage land, that aint much. Keep them active. They need to be outdoors, they NEED to get exercise. If you don’t have the space, don’t get this dog.

German Shepherd
Don’t let that short coat fool you! German Shepherds shed yearlong, it is one of their drawbacks. If you have a specific question about them that we haven’t answered, there is a great forum for just that purpose. 

German Shepherd Lifespan

They typically live 9-13 years. A common and debilitating problem with the breed is hip dysplasia. 


Like all similar working dogs, they need a lot of exercise. Naturally high motor breeds, these are not the type to do well cooped up in an apartment all day.  It would be a disservice to their mental and physical health to not give this breed adequate room to explore. They’re naturally curious and enjoy seeing whats happening in the outside world. 

Famous German Shepherds

Bullet the Wonder dog was a dog actor from the Roy Rodgers show. Over a hundred episodes, he had a lot of airtime! This picture warms my heart, look at that cowboy. When you hear the phrase “wonder dog”, this is thought to be the show that set it in motion. 

German Shepherd Price

If you get your dog from a respected breeder, they are generally affordable. Between 300-900 dollars. Always be sure to research the breeder as well and make sure they’re not just trying to flip a buck!


Obedient, strong, fast, and smart. The German Shepherd is one of our favorite breeds. If you have any pictures of yours that you would like to share, hit us up on @zeuspetsofficial to be featured 🙂

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