The Chihuahua(A dragon in a dog)


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A Bundle Of Sassyness

Have you ever been walking down the street and caught yourself startled by a demonic procession of barks? You look around, it takes you a second… What was that? Is that.. a dog? When your view finally settles and your eyes keep gazing lower and lower, finally you see it. It’s a god damn Chihuahua.(And we love them for it). 

Once you get past the obvious questions.. how do those eyeballs fit in that tiny head?! Then you can realize they’re actually kind of cute. It’s a very polarizing breed. People either love them or they don’t. To the people who are in the hater category, it’s only because they haven’t yet had the pleasure to befriend one of the little devils. We introduce to you, the Chihuahua!


Have you ever caught yourself wondering on a slow day at work where their name comes from, but were too lazy to google it? This passing thought happened to us to, we finally had to research it for you. It’s a state in Mexico. Their history is uncertain but they are believed to have descended from a companion breed called the Techichi. There is evidence of Techchis on pots as early as 300 BC. Pretty cool eh?

Chihuahua Lifespan

These little balls of short haired fire live about 12 to 20 years. Longer than average! So that you get to enjoy their little tail waggings and attempts to fit a tennis ball in their mouth. 

Famous Chihuahaus

Remember Legally Blonde? Maybe? Well if you do, there was a dog in there called Bruiser. Tinkerbell belonged to Paris Hilton and is also an honorable mention.

While those might be appetizers, the bread and butter will always be the Taco Bell Chihuahua. Maybe you weren’t around to witness those commercials, but they tugged at our heart strings. They evoked emotion. It was a romantic symphony that may or may not have made us want tacos. But, damn it was beautiful. 



A steady diet of chalupas is suitable. In all seriousness the smaller breed does lend itself to some typical symptoms. Their eyes are prone to infections and injuries. Also, since their teeth are very close they have weaker roots in their gums. Dental care is something to take serious with this breed.

Chihuahua Price

A tighter range than most dogs, we found puppies usually going between 500-800 dollars. 


A great companion dog, suitable for apartments or smaller living. We love Chihuahuas and think they’re a great pet for any owner. 

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