Top 6 Reasons You Own A Chihuahua

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baby chihuahua

A face only a dog mother could love.. An affectionate, loyal, ball of satan. This breed is so polarizing it’s hilarious, anyone who has ever interacted with one without breaking through their armor “hates them”, and the people who know how affectionate they can be after the break through love them. While we may call them the spawn of satan and the reason for high taxes, deep down they are absolutely adorable and we only kid. Promise. Here’s our Top six reasons you love your little rascal. 

A Quick Summary of the reasons!
6.You Hate Everyone
5.You want to Put it in A Tiny Handbag
4.You Saw the Taco Bell Commercials
3. You’ve Seen Them Smile
2. You want an Army of Minions
1. You “Get” Them

6. You Hate Everyone

angry chihuahua

It doesn’t matter who it is, a Chihuahua will bark at them. The purest angelic form of matter could shape itself into being, and your little Chihuahua will still go wild as hell trying it’s best to tear them to shreds. To SHREDS, with BARKS. With their little ferocious mouth snarling and their eyeballs turning red with fury, your Chihuahua gives you inner peace. A reflection of your true self. 

5. You Want to Put it In a Tiny Handbag

chihuahua handbag

You saw a purse online with a dog in it, you decided you wanted the bag before you wanted the dog. A common issue is making sure you put that purse to work by having a dog that will stay small forever, the Chihuahua is beckoning your name. They fit snugly in fashionable handbags. Peeking their little deviled heads out on occasion. 

4. You Saw The Taco Bell Commercials

Back in the 90s, Taco Bell had a little mascot. There was romance, hate, adventure, and pureness to their campaign. Many people started to fall in love with these Chihuahuas, you included. 

3. You've Seen Them Smile

Have you ever seen something so ugly yet so beautiful it made you want it? Like people that know “art” on a level us non-savants will never comprehend. To the common folk including me, the Chihuahuas half baked smile is heart-warming. Oh those little devils get me. 

2. You Want an Army of Minions

There is a type of pet owner that wants an army of devils but doesn’t want to have to deal with the large fleet and headaches of big dogs. So they tend to say, “hey I’ll just buy like ten Chihuahuas”. We’re actually not entirely sure how it happens, but similar to “cat lady’s”, a Chihuahua owner will want more. When the hairless tribe has been assembled, they are a fury. 

1. You Get Them

Deep down, we all pretend we know what the hell we’re doing. Most likely, we don’t know jack. You and your Chihuahua can face this scary world together, one presumptuous scowl after another. Yes you may judge books by their cover, but the world judged you first! “Small, weak, fragile” These labels do not apply despite first glance! A mighty strength swirls within you, you have the spirit of the Chihuahua. 

If you have any loveable, hilarious, or even evil Chihuahua stories let us know. We love hearing about peoples experience with all breeds, and this one gives us a good laugh!

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