3 reasons to buy a LED dog collar

led dog harness

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led dog collar

              Accessories accessories everywhere but what the heck if it’s dark? Those little bandannas? All the rage in my heart. We seek to provide our beloved pets with all of the things they need to be safe and comfortable, from good, healthy food to a comfy bed and some awesome toys. One of the most important accessories we select for our canine companions is a dog collar. So that they can never get away(muahuahuah)! Okay, just kidding. Dog collars can be pretty great, it’s more than just a hoop with a clip. 

There is a huge variety of  of dog collars available for purchase.  An emerging type of collar uses LEDs. Who would of thought? I can put some sweet lights in this collar! My neighbors are going to be sooo jealous. 

Let’s go over the main benefits of this gear.


Increased Visibility

 The number one benefit is safety! It does this by increasing visibility and looking cool doing it. In the case of traditional dog collars, the only part that is visible in low light-settings is the flash of the metal dog tags against a light source, such as a flashlight, street lamp or a car’s headlights.  An LED dog collar is specifically geared towards increasing the dog’s visibility in a low light setting or even in complete darkness. If Uncle Billy had too much eggnog one night and is cruising down the road, we have to stand out…  in style!


We all know how cool light up shoes were back in the day. They even seem to be making a comeback along with everything LED related. Now with this addition to dog wear we can play it off and pretend we’re still just being a responsible adult.”Oh yes, I just wanted to be more safe!” The outward deception, we know you know it looks cool okay. I don’t blame you for it, you cool LED dog leash having owner you.


Surprisingly they aren’t that expensive. Most models run in the 20-30 dollar range and even have rechargable batteries(via usb). That’s pretty cool if you ask me. 

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