10 Reasons Dogs are Better than a Boyfriend(or Girlfriend!)

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1. They wont cheat on you

That’s right, let’s start out heavy. Your doggy will never cheat on you! Occasionally they might give someone else attention if they have a ball or something new, but the loyalty of a dog to its owner is unfathomable by human standards. As a significant other can become.. insignificant, your dog will always be there for you. 

2. They don't complain!

Are you broke? Maybe you’ve had a bad day from work and you’re being a little bit grumpy. All of those things happen from time to time, but the one thing you can count on is your dog will still be there by your side and appreciating your hard times. They happen to us all, sometimes your dog might look a bit sad itself. But, they’re never going to complain about it. 

3. They're always up for a workout

Have you ever been in a relationship where you really had to push your partner to be healthy? Maybe to try a smoothie, or go on a run? Well, it’s a common thing today to TRY to be healthy. Heck, I try all the time. But, someone that’s always up to go on a run with me is my dog. Do I have an extra piece of banana left over from my healthy breakfast? Yeah? He’ll eat that too!

4. They're cheap

You know who gets fed the same thing every day? Prisoners. You know who else? Dogs. Jokes aside, a dog doesn’t cost much. You pick up a bag of the best quality kibble you can afford and you’re set. Now, I’m not trying to enter a debate on if that’s healthy because most people don’t have the time to cook for their dog. I sure don’t, but my dog never has a problem with his scoop of food. 

5. They're laid back

Some people get a little bit antsy over things that really don’t matter in the long run. Maybe a sheet wasn’t folded properly or you did something that annoys them. Well, for dogs they just go with the flow. Nothing you do has ever annoyed your dog. Even when you’re actively TRYING to annoy your dog they slightly enjoy it because you’re playing with them. 

6. They don't hold grudges

Your dog will never have something they’re mad at you for, maybe you’ve experienced the conversation of a small detail that happened two months previously being brought up in an arguement.. Well! That won’t happen with your pooch, they don’t give a damn. 

7. They actually love you unconditionally

Crying like a maniac? Having a mental breakdown that your friends would gossip about? Your dog doesn’t give a shit, they actually truly love you. They might sense your behavior is off or something sad is going on, and they’ll reply with cuddles not judgment. 

8. They're easy to pick up after

Yes, shedding happens. But so do long hairs clogging up the sink, or short tiny hairs from the razor of a manly beard. If all I have to worry about for having a great friend is that I have to scoop poop and give them a brush then I’m game! 

9. You won't get over the breakup with your dog

Making this list was hard for me because of this point. Relationships can come and go, but I’ve never forgotten the dogs that have brought joy into my life. Even being a roommate and having to move away, I miss those dogs. And I miss you especially Max, the best childhood friend a boy could have. 

10. You'll get sick of playing before they do

Ever have that someone that you go to the park with, but they always call it quits early? Oh I’m sorry honey, we’ve thrown the frisbee FIVE times now. That’s more than enough.. Well, that won’t happen with your dog! You can play all day until the sun turns to gray, and your dog will want more. between huffing and puffing breaks of course.

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