Reasons why your dog is pooping too much

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It’s 11 am on a Sunday. I’m happy that I get to sleep in. Then I realize, the roommates dog is at my bed. Clearly distressed, she has something that needs to get out. 

That’s alright, I’ll cover for my roomie. Little did I know what I was in for. The door opens, she bolts. The sound barrier may have shattered in her wake, I was too groggy to realize. To my horror, a poop factory turned on once we reached the grass. I only brought one bag and that wasn’t going to cut it. 

I bring back three more. She must have pooped for 3 minutes. Finding separate spots to blast. Finally I’d made it through. Down to my last bag, the waste was reclaimed by the trash can and off to a landfill to give flies another happy day. 

What causes dogs to poop a lot? I had heard it can be a poor diet. After checking the brand of the roommates dog I figured that must be the case. 

My guess is, it’s because the poor ingredients aren’t digested as well. The answer is I don’t know as of yet, I just wanted to update with that little experience. 🙂

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