More Bite Than Bark, 10 Of The Toughest Dog Toys

dog chewing

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dog chewing
Look at me I'm tough

Dog toys aren’t cheap, and if they keep getting ripped up it will add up to a significant amount at the end of the year. Maybe you could have had a nice steak dinner with the money you saved. We might be a little bit hungry.

Does your dog have an alter ego of a great white shark? 

If they shred every toy you give them and you’re sick of hemorrhaging money; we have a list of dog toys that might be somewhat more resistant to their chewings.

The Hurley floats, if your dog actually thinks they’re Jaws what better way to appease their killer instinct. It has a chew proof guarantee and is made from hard plastic ready to tackle the challenges of abuse. Owners rave about it’s resistance.

A perfect option to get you through the warmer months of the year. Available on Amazon

It’s pretty rare to see things manufactured in the USA anymore, but this item is. That’s a huge plus for us. 

Can a dog chew on Elk Antlers? Yes, they can and they have been for years. This is one of the hardest materials to work through. It’s perfectly safe and naturally shed by elk. Reusing natures droppings in a way.  Keep in mind if you have an older dog, or one with dental issues that this may not be the best option. 

A flavored bone made of nylon? It comes in bacon? While we might be tempted to try this ourselves, it seems to hold up pretty well to tough chewers. Labeled specifically for large dogs, this is a made in the USA durable toy. As an added benefit, it’s textured. So while your dog is trying their best to destroy it, it actually helps clean their teeth. 

With the textured surface it makes it a little easier to rip away from your pal for playtime. 

You heard that right. A toy with bold claims of , “virtually indestructible”.  This company offers a lifetime replacement if it isn’t up to par. Bright orange, bouncy, and made for tough chewers; this ball is comprised of rubber. It’s also very orange and reminds us of Tang. See it here

It’s very simple, but it does the trick. 

Okay this thing will probably get torn to shreds but we had to share it. It’s a freaking squeaky taco that is smiling at us. How adorable.  They also come in varieties of french fries, ice cream, pineapple, and steak. To name a few.. maybe you have a non-chewer and you could take cute pics with this. 

We’re getting hungry, or maybe we already were.

Perhaps your dog is a practicing vegan? Well, they would be in love with our turnip shaped offering.  Chew resistant and made of latex rubber, this toy holds a special hole for treats. So not only can your dog be enamored, but also engaged in the hunt. Aye aye captain! 

This is also a great training piece. If you don’t want to simply hand over a treat when your dog does something good, you can give them a little more entertainment with this. 

Another treat hoarding, latex rubber made masterpiece. The Gnawt-a-rock won’t grind your dogs teeth, but it will elicit their imagination. If your dog ends up not liking it you can always use it as a hybrid sort of dice.. double 7’s anyone? 

For dogs with harder chomping powers, like a Pit Bull, this is an excellent option. With it’s hard rubber material it’s also great to throw at the park. Just make sure no one else is near by!

Two Ingredients listed: Nylon and Bacon. How these two things come together, we have no freaking idea. However the reviews are sparkling. Dogs love this thing, and it lasts a long time. The flavor choices are: REAL Bacon, REAL Chicken, and REAL Peanut. Yes, they are capitalized just like that. The reality is they are “infused” with real stuff but yeah, I’d prefer it fresh on a plate than in a bone. 

Carrots are healthy for you, and if you lie to yourself you can still claim that even when they’re made of rope. While a full grown dog may make quick work of these cute cotton concoctions, for a teething puppy they’re perfect. If carrots aren’t your thing, there’s also a giraffe. 

The original classic. Kong has been manufacturing dog toys for a while now. They started the whole hide the treat fad. Dogs hate them, people love them. These toys aren’t the most durable of all options above, but for a “medium chewer” they work great. 

It may have an unusual appearance, but don’t let that fool you. The Kong Red Rubber has been around a long time for a reason. Dogs and owners love it. 

Is there such thing as an indestructible dog toy?

As we’ve come to find out first hand, no there isn’t. Dogs love ripping things to shreds don’t they? Carnivores by nature, they are pretty good at it. I think they get it from their wolf brethren. But, a lot of these options we’ve listed above are the closest things we could realistically find to indestructible. If they have a warranty, even better. 

Tell us about what your dog likes to chew up in the comments!

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