The Best 10 Dogs For Kids – Your Rugrats Need Playmates

labrador retriever

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our list of the best dogs for kids

Love, trust, and friendship are perhaps the biggest thing a family pet can teach. Some dogs have a little more patience than others as a right of genetics. If you are looking for a wholesome addition to your family and don’t mind the potty training; then we have ten choices for you. 

10. Beagle

Beagle Puppy Family Dog

 Playful, with a calm temperament, the beagle is all about the outdoors. Just like your kids, until virtual reality gets too good. 

They range from 12-15 years on average. One of their main complaints is shedding. They shed a decent amount, so if allergies are a concern this may be a negative. 

9. Dachschund

dachshund puppy

Oddly proportioned, sometimes stubborn, and devoted. The dachshund is that lovable little guy of the family. They are great cuddle buddies, we have some first hand experience with this.  The label of being stubborn comes from some people having difficulty training them, but fear not they do very well when they’re incentive is food. 

8. Labrador Retriever

labrador retriever

Kind, trusting, and always up for a game of fetch. The Labrador has always been a common family pet and will continue to do so. They are forgiving and everyone is their friend by default. 

7. Collie

Collie Dog

A beautiful coat and a beautiful personality. The Collie was etched into many peoples hearts when we first saw her as Lassie. They are protective dogs who are very active and friendly. For a medium sized breed their lifespan is also a bit greater than average, they live between 14-16 years. With a beautiful head of hair comes a lot of maintenance. So if you get a collie prepare to be on brush patrol at times!

6. Pug

cute pug

Playful and relaxed you say? We have the dog for you. Two seemingly opposite ends of the spectrum collide in Mr. Chill, the Pug. Perfect for kids because of it’s temperament, the pug likes to have fun. But he’s also down to relax and do nothing in his pajamas all day. They are a low maintenance breed, and outside of some shedding are very easy to take care of.  

5. Pomeranian


If you’ve been looking for a cotton ball with legs, the Pomeranian is your answer. They are a sociable breed that loves to play. Not quite as forgiving as some of the more relaxed dogs, we recommend these for kids who are a little bit older. They will live with them into adulthood usually, with their lifespan at about 16 years. 

4. Boxer

boxer super manly

Playful and goofy but also cuddly, kids love them just as much as adults. They don’t cause too much trouble and definitely bring lots of joy. 

3. Black Mouth Cur

black mouth cur

On the more protective end of family dogs, we have the Black Mouth Cur. A cattle dog with origins from the southern part of the states. They do very well with kids and will watch out for them. 

2. Newfoundland Dog

Newfoundland dog

Oranges with their bright glow are in fact perfectly fine for your dog. They do have a lot of sugar, so give them in moderate amounts. Citric acid will not negatively impact your dogs digestion. But it does bother some cats. Although I’ve never heard of a cat eating oranges. 

1. Golden Retriever

golden retriever

The epitome of the family dog. Loving and loyal. The Golden Retriever is our top pick as a dog for kids and families. Easy to train, and fun to play with. Shedding isn’t a big problem with Golden’s either. 

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