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top 10 friendliest dog breeds

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Friendliest Dog Breeds List

After the saying that a dog is man’s best friend, it would sound unfair to use words like mean, aggressive and dangerous to describe one. The truth is that not all dogs exhibit a friendly demeanor especially to other people and pets.

 With over 300 dog breeds available all over the world, choosing one that suits your need for friendliness in not a walk in the park.
Fortunately, the numerous numbers also mean that you have so many to choose from. With a little push in the right direction, you can narrow down your choices to a few. Below are the top 10 friendliest dog breeds.

Golden Retriever

golden retriever

This is known to be one of the most patient dog breeds. They are loyal and social, which makes them perfect for a household with kids. As the name suggests, they enjoy retrieving games which makes them easy to play with. This also comes in handy as they need to exercise regularly.
They warm up to strangers and other pets fast. Their people-friendly trait makes them perfect for indoor living. With proper grooming and training they make great pets.


Newfoundland dog

Newfoundland has been hailed as one of the most intelligent dog breeds. Puppies and mature hounds alike take readily to children. A Newfoundland’s huge size and cool temperament has seen it dubbed ‘the gentle giant’.
They love the company of people and become very playful around them. They are good swimmers, lovable and easy to train. Their friendliness however comes at a cost for they need considerable space to live and exercise. You may also have to deal with drooling and occasional shedding.



They are among the small dog breeds. Mature adults stand at around 15 inches and come in a variety of colors including lemon and red-brown with white spots. They have remained the favorite hound for many dog lovers over the years.

It’s hard not to fall in love with this beautiful dog. The big hazel eyes and drooping ears just stands out. Looks aside, the breed is people friendly and forges a lasting friendship with every member of the family. They are impressionable, independent and enjoy the company of other dogs and pets.


Boston Terrier


The small sized ‘American gentleman’ of the canine world comes complimented by a ’tuxedo’ coat. It is a cross breed of the English bulldog and the white English terrier. Boston terriers have excellent manners and are irresistibly adorable.
They are not only friendly but are also excellent candidates for training. They carry themselves gracefully with a face that exudes confidence and intelligence. Curiosity and mischief ranks high in their mannerism.

Irish Setter

irish setter

This is a happy-go-lucky kind of a dog. They are lively and full of energy which makes them get along with all members of the family. They make great companions for adults and perfect playmates for kids. Sturdy hind legs, keen sight and sharp sense of smell make them great hunting buddies.
One distinctive feature of the Irish setter is the red flashy coat. Apart from their beautiful coat, they are highly trainable which has earned them spots in dog shows since late 19th century.

Siberian Husky

Siberians are intelligent, very beautiful and well, a little stubborn. In addition to this, they are very friendly and easy going. They may not readily welcome strange dogs and cats but early training makes them agreeable. 

They originated from sledge pulling pack dogs which makes them fit well in a large family setting. Also, if you don’t mind rolling in the grass or mud, you have a willing partner in the Siberian husky. 



This breed comes in toy, miniature, and standard sizes. Whichever the size, poodles have thick and curly fur which allows beautiful styling. This has earned them top pot in dog shows over the years. 

Away from the spotlight, they are smart, eager to please and very playful. They are excellent swimmers, intelligent and easily trainable. Their hypoallergenic nature makes them perfect for all family members.


English Shepherd

They are full of energy, playful and intelligent. They need exercise to keep them from getting hyperactive and destructive. They relate well with all members of the family and other pets.
They can go bossy on you and therefore require firm leadership. Their fun loving nature and mischief makes them a good all-round companion for adults and children alike.


cute pug

This is another lovable small dog breed. Pugs make great companions for all members of the family. They are not aggressive, which makes them good house dogs and also have features that make them very charming.
Their black wrinkly face coupled with big eyes and small ears makes them very unique. It allows them to express a range of amusing emotions similar to humans.
They love to eat and will befriend anyone willing to feed them. They are prone to obesity hence care should be taken not to overfeed them. They come in all black or silver color among others.


brindle boxer

Boxers are faithful, smart and active. They get easily accustomed to an indoor life. A boxer enjoys long walks and can fit into an active family. They mingle well with fellow pets but may not take readily to strange ones. 

They are protective, agile and fearless which makes them good guard dogs. They are easy to train, creative and have a great sense of humor which makes them all-round canines.  As long as they get enough exercise, they are good to go. 


Friendliness in a dog is one trait to look for especially if you are considering pets and other family members. Other accompanying traits include trainability, impeccable manners and the ability to fit into a family set up.
As a family or an individual, assessment is also needed on your part to gauge if you are able to reciprocate friendship and also keep up with the dogs need for attention, activity and leadership. The above list may not include all the friendly dog breeds out there but it definitely gives you the best to work with.

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