One Man Raised Two Cats into Their 30s

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Bacon, eggs, broccoli, and coffee. This diet was the fuel of two of the longest living cats ever recorded. Grandpa was 34 years old, and Creme Puff lived to be 38. 

Jake Perry of Austin, Texas is an interesting man. A plumber by trade, he loves cats. Raised on a farm that had many, they are the type of pet he gravitated to. Talking about allergies and how some people can’t own them he says, “God makes each kind of critter for your choice”. 

Buffy the Vampire is the name of one of his cats. Which is perfect, because they never seem to die in his care and they like to bite! His love is obvious, he even built a theater for them. 

What does it all have in common though? Plenty of people love their cats. Plenty of cats die young still. The only thing that stands out to us is the diet. You can see Jake talk about it here


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