Top 10 Dog Movies

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We all have memories of dogs throughout our lives, and many of those come from movies. Would you think a Golden Retriever would be playing basketball on the big screen? Or that you’d be choking up into tears seeing a dog get rabies? 

They’ve gone all over the spectrum of emotions, and some were better than others. Here’s our top ten movie dogs!

Dog movie that will make you cry

10. Old Yeller


This movie would be higher on the list if it hadn’t made this writer cry ugly for the first time. As a young traumatized viewer, my heart was torn from my body as I sat there balling. Old Yeller taps into some of the most strong human emotions we have. 

Pain, grief, remorse and finally acceptance. Never would think a dog movie would tug at you like that, but it did. This is an excellent film demonstrating the bond between man and dog, also highlights that life can be pretty damn tough sometime. 

9. Must Love Dogs


Relevant today as ever before, “must love dogs”. Yes, it’s a common dating checklist for people! This movie did not have good reviews but the theme had potential. It focuses on a woman struggling with divorce, and hopping back in the dating scene after. 

After going through some trials trying to meet Mr. Right, refuge is found.. at a dog park. 

8. Air Bud


The movie boasts a budget of 3 million dollars and it pulled in 28 million at the box office. Air Bud is still fresh in our minds 20 years later. Who would greenlight a film about a dog playing basketball? It worked too! Shows what we know. 

A movie with a young man attempting to deal with his fathers death, but he finds he real teammate in a Golden Retriever. 

7. Fluke


This movie was out there. Roger Ebert gave it a thumbs up, despite much hate on rotten tomatoes. We liked it too. It focuses around a workaholic who doesn’t pay attention to his family. His wife and son both suffer. But after work one day while racing down the road, Thomas’s life comes to an end after a crash. it is then that he is reincarnated as a dog. Seems like a Fluke! 

When he has to slow down and observe his family, it’s a second chance. Realization washes over him, priorities are realigned. It’s so easy to get lost in the grind that he had forgotten what was really important. Will he get a second chance? 

Super Dog Movie

6. Bolt


Bolt is a story of naivety and discovery. He’s a canine on the big screen, but he doesn’t realize it. Every day is new and amazing, and he has powers! 

One day he is accidentally shipped to New York and never figures out he doesn’t have the secret stuff. Fake it till you make it, in a movie. We lot Bolt. Great film. 

5. Beethoven


A movie about a big doggy. St. Bernards can come close to 200lbs, so when this one gets adopted he muscles his way into the family. Beethoven is a lovable trouble maker, too big for his own good. 

After an evil vet gets his sickly eyes on Beethoven, things get a little hectic. He does his fair share of trouble saving after all the trouble making. 

4. 101 Dalmations


When we look back on this movie, it’s incredible how jacked up the plot is when you write it down. An evil fashionista needs a new outfit, so she wants 101 Dalmations skinned for her coat. That doesn’t sound too bad does it…wait what the hell? 

This was a big budget film too, bringing in over 300 mil at the box office. Cruella De Vil didn’t end up getting her way thank goodness. Fashion has a price, her hair is better now we hope. 

3. The Fox and The Hound


A fox loses his mother and is taken in by a kind Widow. He becomes friends with the neighbors new dog, a hound. They are the best of friends, but not all is well. Their masters don’t approve and by nature, a fox and a hound are enemies. This story tugs at our heartstrings. It shows a parallel between Romeo and Juliet in the form of friendship instead of romance. What was pure, wasn’t meant to be. Or did they overcome their nature?

2. Homeward Bound


Two dogs and a cat, an odd pairing for sure. Of course the cats name is Sassy. The story starts with the family of the pets setting up for their vacation. They leave them at a friends ranch, but before long the animals realize that they may be abandoned. Anxious, full of doubt, and wanting to get back home the animals decide to go on an adventure. A huge one. Through the California wilderness they set sails and we’re along for the ride. Highly recommended movie. 

1. Lady and The Tramp


An uptown girl finds herself under the protection of a mutt when circumstances change at home. Her dog mom and dog dad had a baby, and she was no longer their baby anymore! This romance follows the story of an unlikely pair and their love story. Many memorable scenes and the most famous one of all, the spaghetti. 

As their romance begins to develop, things take a turn. Will love find a way?

Let us know about your favorite dog movies and scenes, we would love to hear them 🙂

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