The 10 Best Dog Harnesses

Best Dog Harness Guide

Worried about the strain a regular collar creates? If you want a more secure option, use a harness instead.

They’re a great if you prefer not to put stress on your dog’s neck or generally just want more control during a walk. The consensus among experts is that they are more comfortable for your dog. Which intuitively makes sense when you imagine something pulling at your chest instead of your neck.

If you need a snug comfy fit on your dog and you’re looking for a quality option without breaking the bank, you’re in luck. We’ve got hand picked options for every dog lover. 

Here are our 10 best dog harnesses:

1. No Pull Dog Harness

Does your dog love to pull whenever you take it for a walk? This is in part due to the force applied by collars and most harnesses. The natural reaction is to resist the force, and pull harder. 

Verdict:  PetSafe Easy Walk Harness solves this problem with a simple solution. In a eureka moment, they decided to attach o-ring in the front! This means instead of reining your dog in, you lead your dog. They are not prone to resist pulling force because pressure isn’t applied on their shoulders or neck. 

One of the the things we didn’t like is that there is no padding integrated into the nylon straps. By nature, nylon is a “hard” fabric. It can cause more friction than other materials, like leather. So the point where the harness meets under the arms would be perfect for padding. 

As long as it’s not super tight, this small concern doesn’t matter much. For only 20 bucks this is a great deal, and a simple solution to a dog who likes to pull.  The reviews of this product are overwhelmingly positive on Amazon, with 75 percent of customers giving it 4 stars or higher. 

Available in 7 colors and 8 sizes, they’ve got a wide selection. Customer service will replace a harness that has been chewed through, but you must pay a fee to cover their costs of processing. 

2.Small Dog Harness(including puppies)

Verdict:  Harnesses should be comfortable and this fits the bill. For small dogs, they need something that fits them perfect. As opposed to clips, this uses Velcro to fit snugly. Customers love this for puppies and older dogs because of the padding. It isn’t as good at preventing pulling as the Easy Walk Harness simply because the leash attachment is on the back. However, for smaller dogs this is a great snug option. 

If your dog is on the edge of sizing in terms of girth measurement, we recommend going 1 size larger as it tends to run small. It’s not the best option for dogs that love to run, the fabric can cause some minor chaffing over time.It comes in 15 patterns and 4 sizes. 

3. Large Dog Harness

Verdict:  One of our favorite choices overall. This harness is jam packed with features. It has padding, dual attachments, and it’s reflective. The thing we like most is the 2 leash attachments and they’re both strong metal d-rings. So if your dog is a puller, you can attach the leash to the front or back depending on what type of workout you plan on getting. 

RabbitGoo opted to use 3M reflective threading in their design. If you’re taking your dog out for a night stroll or early morning walk, safety is enhanced. The straps are adjustable and the sizing chart available on amazon.

Measuring your dog is the best way to make sure you get the perfect fit.

4. Dog Harness For Running

Verdict:  Dual point attachments are great for pullers, but also come in handy for running. Some dogs like to lead, some like to stay by your side. This gives you two options and it’s one of the most reputable brands in the category. The contoured fabric means less friction while moving, which is why it’s our top choice for running.

It features aluminum hardware for the back d-ring clip, but only a fabric attachment for the front. To put it on your dog it is a neck slip and side clip system. You don’t have to struggle to get your dog to stand in a certain spot like with “pull-up” type harnesses.

Note: We recommend a shock absorbing leash to pair with a harness that you plan on running with. EzyDog makes a shock absorbing model that is essentially “hands-free”. The handle of the leash is like a glove contoured to your hand. There are hands free running options but nothing gives you nearly this much control. 

5. Secure Dog Harness For Car Rides

The Verdict: Your dog is going to end up more secure than most people with this product. They clearly put their time researching and refining the strapping and hardware system. It shows, but you will have to pay for it. The hardware is an aluminum alloy, similar to seat buckles. The strappings are made from seat belt webbing. 

All three sizes are the same price at 99 usd currently. But, you get what you pay for. If you’re looking for your dog to be strapped in and safe for impact this will do it according to their crash testing. 

Alternatively, if you’re just looking for a way to attach your dog safely to your car there are clips that snap into the seat belts and onto a harness. Here’s one for under ten bucks. With this option you can choose any harness or collar and make sure your dog doesn’t move around as much. It won’t be nearly as secure, but it could suit your needs.

6. Leather Dog Harness

The Verdict: Lifetime guarantees make our eyes light up. Especially with more expensive products. Logical Leather has a great deal with it being in the leather category for only thirty bucks. The thing that made us most happy is how all encompassing the guarantee is. For any reason if you dislike their product, they’ll refund or replace it. It’s adjustable with all metal hardware, and quality stitching. The rivets are set and you can bet it’ll last a very long time. From chest sizes of 38 inches to 28 inches. This is geared towards larger dogs.

7. LED Dog Harness

The Verdict: Does your dog seem like it belongs in the star wars galaxy? Perhaps they need a multicolored LED harness! This is an incredible option if you’re trying to be safe, and cool at the same time. You get 8 choices of colors in one vest, even flashing and slowing fading color modes.
One of them is called “disco dog” and we really want to see that in action on the dancefloor. This harness uses 3M reflective threading in addition to the lights. It’s adjustable and comes in four sizes(small,medium,large,extra large).

It comes with a long lasting usb charged battery. One charge is good for up to 12 hours. With over 900+ amazon reviews and a 5 star rating, customers are very happy with this product.

8. Reflective Dog Harness

The Verdict: Expawlorer comes in top place for our reflective dog harness. Despite some very subtle shortcomings like limited styles and colors. They created a quality, adjustable harness.

We love that it has two leash attachment points. This makes it great for pullers or taking your dog on runs. They come in 5 sizes(extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large). For a couple customers the sizes ran small so measuring is important! Soft padding around the belly makes this a very comfortable option. If you’re looking for safety in dark environments and don’t feel like dealing with a battery or some light source, this is a great option. 

9. Mesh Dog Harness

The Verdict: If you need a simple mesh harness and have a dog who isn’t going to chomp through it in two bites, bingpet’s offering is perfect. It’s our value buy at under 15 bucks and performs it’s function.Mesh is a breathable fabric, which makes it ideal for the outdoors.  You get ten colors to choose from and four sizes(xs, small, medium,and large). 

This looks adorable on smaller breeds. If you have a puppy that will grow considerably, it’s a perfect bridge item without breaking the bank. 

10. Lift Dog Harness

The Verdict: If your dog has an injury or is aging, having an option to alleviate the pain is life changing. This harness allows you to take the pressure of stabilizing off your dog and into your hands. Owners of dogs with conditions are extremely satisfied. You won’t have to be bent over to pick up your dog. The handles are adjustable.

It’s a heavy duty design and comes in 4 sizes(medium, large, extra large, and xxl). 

FAQ Section For Dog Harnesses

Why Use A Dog Harness?

Let me answer a question with another question. Have you ever needed to stop at a light suddenly with a lapbelt on? The force, all going to your waist, is not a very comfortable feeling. But, when you wear a seat-belt that includes a strap across your chest, the force is displaced evenly. There is more spread to the forces, reducing the strain on your body. 

Now, imagine how your dog feels using a regular collar. You are constantly yanking at their neck, just like the lapbelt across your waist. It’s generally uncomfortable. And, if you’re like most dog owners then you really love your dog. So why do that to them!

Some breeds are very excitable and the constant lunging takes a toll on ligaments in the neck. We especially recommend harnesses for younger puppies or older dogs because their bones are more susceptible to force. Also, in general it’s less strenuous for all dogs. 

What Size Harness For My Dog?

Measuring is the only way to determine the right fit with 100% accuracy. Singer has a 60 inch tape measure for under 3 bucks. Or if you fancy yourself a gambler you could guess. Thankfully, most harnesses are adjustable. If you are buying a more expensive harness such as leather, we definitely suggest taking the time to get the exact measurements. 

When Should a Dog Use a Harness?

Our general recommendation is not to keep harnesses on your dog constantly. Whenever you’re taking your dog for a walk or some adventure that makes them prone to excitability. This is the main difference between a collar. Many brands of collars can be worn all times because they do not interfere with a dogs range of motion. 

What is a Step In Dog Harness?

It’s just a faster way to secure a harness your dog is wearing.

Some brands of dog harness are placed on the dog by clip hardware or having to buckle things over their neck or torso. A step in dog harness simply means you lay it on the ground and your dog will place their feet inside each of the harness straps. Then you simply pull this harness up! After that, there is a clip you simply snap into place. They “stepped in” to their gear.