The Perfect Little City Dog – Top 10 Dogs For Apartment Living


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Dogs living in the city

 If you’re living in an apartment.. space is a big deal,  but so is companionship.  Here we give you ten dogs that make trusty adorable friends, and also live well in smaller spaces. In no particular order. 

Little City Dog List

10. Yorkshire Terrier(Sassy)

A constant theme among small dogs is confidence. The yorky is no different. It has a beautiful coat and peppy demeanor. It’s classified as being hypoallergenic, if you have allergies you won’t have to worry about this breed worsening them. As an added bonus they do not shed much. 

9. Chihuahua


The procession of barks followed by getting in the “safe space” of a chihuahua can be a bit annoying! They are a polarizing breed and people seem to either absolutely love them, or despise them. We think the haters just haven’t had the pleasure of having one in their lives. If you’d like to read our breed breakdown of chihuahuas you can do so here

They can live up to 20 years, among the highest lifespan of all canines. 

8. Dachschund

dachshund puppy

Adorable, affectionate, and very loyal. The Dachshund is the perfect pet to greet you from a long day at work. They do shed a bit and are not the best for people with allergies. If you’re wondering about the roots of their name, it was first spotted in 18th century books. “Dachs Kriecher” means badger crawler, their original purpose. Little hunters these buggers were! 

7. Chinese Crested

chinese crested

Sometimes you just need to look at something hideous to feel better about yourself. When facebook is down and you can’t find your ex’s new partner, you could always buy a Chinese Crested. We kid we kid. This breed comes in two varieties, with the hairless type resembling something a little less mainstream in dog taste. 

6. Havanese


The national dog of Cuba, can you feel the rhythm? This beautiful little chap has a lot of hair. They’re very attentive, respond well, and caring. Their coat is soft and to boot they are thought of as an intelligent breed. All of this makes them the perfect apartment companion. 

5. Pomeranian


Little balls of fluffy energy, Pomeranians make great pets for home owners of a more active lifestyle. They do well in apartments but also would love to play fetch with you all day. Originating from Germany/Poland, their name hails  from a region called Pomerania.  They need a bit of attention for their coat and shed more than most dogs on this list. 

4. Maltese


Would you ever think a dog like this would be suitable for people with allergies? We didn’t at first, but it turns out they’re just fine. They are a toy dog breed from the Mediterranean region.  With a lovely temperament, these loyal dogs make great pets. They are a little less active than other dogs on this list. Safe to say they’d be up for a “netflix and chill” night with you if your date suggested Burger King as the first place to get dinner..

3. Peekapoo


Yes yes we know, it sounds similar to peekaboo! This breed is a mix between a Pekignese and a Poodle. They almost look like golden-doodles except..they just never really grow. Taking traits from both parents, they can be easy to train(poodles) and very affectionate(Pekignese). 

2. Pug

cute pug

Although the picture might make you think of E.T. , we promise this is an actual dog. Just testing out spring fashion trends. The pug is another dog that can be very affectionate. The breed can suffer from some breathing issues due to their anatomy, but tends to live in the same range as most other small breeds. About 12 to 15 years.  If you’ve seen one out in the wild you’ll notice they tend to be pretty relaxed. If this picture doesn’t prove this point I’m not sure what would!

1. Japanese Chin

japanese chin

Now some of you may look at this picture and jump to the conclusion that this breed would be on the short bus. How could you??? Japanese royalty loved these dogs. They generally represented nobility. Also thought to be one of the most “cat-like” canines. Independent, sassy, and affectionate when they want to be. That’s the Japanese Chin for you. 

If you’d like to hear about low maintanence dogs, and have a little more space.. we have another article here!

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