13 Healthy Foods Your Dog Can Eat – Dont Feed Them Grapes!

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13 Human Foods that are safe for dogs to eat!

Alert! Don’t feed them grapes! Grapes are a huge no no for dogs.

Knowing what you can and can’t feed your dog can be guesswork. Did you ever realize pecans can be toxic? We didn’t either, but it turns out they can. Not all nuts are bad for dogs either, cashews for example are fine in small amounts. 

Here we give you ten foods that dogs can eat to supplement their diet.

13. Corn

dogs can eat corn

Corn is perfectly healthy for dogs. It’s everywhere in human food and in many things you wouldn’t expect, like toothpaste. It turns out it’s well tolerated by dogs as well. While it gets a lot of flack these days, corn does have nutritional value. It has good amounts of fiber, vitamin c, and folate. 

12. Honey

Honey Is Safe For Dogs to Eat

Yep, dogs can eat this too. It can even help your dog with it’s allergies if the honey is local. This is because the plants in your environment will have their pollen in the mix! Some components of honey are even being studied as having antibacterial properties. It should only be given in small amounts but it’s packed to the brim with nutritional value. 

11. Carrots

Carrots are Healthy For Dogs to Eat

The distinct orange color of carrots comes from carotene and vitamin a. Dogs and bunnies have both been eating all the carrots they can get their little paws on for centuries. 

10. Eggs

eggs healthy dog food

Dogs, bodybuilders, children on Easter, the list goes on for people who love eggs. They’re high in protein, b-12, and vitamin d. Scramble some up and see if your dog likes them. 🙂

9. Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter

While you can’t feed your dog all varieties of nut foods, peanut butter is okay. It has good fats and it’s high in protein. Just make sure you don’t give them too much as this is something that should be served in moderation. 

8. Lettuce

can a dog eat lettuce?

Leafy greens are perfectly healthy for your dog and many are high in fiber. Brimmingwith vitamin A. One cup has half of a humans nutritional value for the day. 

7. Bananas

Monkeys love these things, and it’s probably because they’re delicious. While your dog might not have any idea what a banana split is, safe to say if he did it would become his main affection. Bananas are great for dogs, just don’t add in the chocolate or ice cream part :p

6. Apples

What’s worse than finding a worm in your apple? Taking a bite and finding half a worm. 
Okay sorry that wasn’t the best joke. Back to apples, they’re good for your dog. In general you want to make digestion easier so it’s best to cut them up and remove the core before serving them up. They are the high in vitamin C and dietary fiber. 

5. Oranges

oranges for dogs

Oranges with their bright glow are in fact perfectly fine for your dog. They do have a lot of sugar, so give them in moderate amounts. Citric acid will not negatively impact your dogs digestion. But it does bother some cats. Although I’ve never heard of a cat eating oranges. 

4. Oatmeal

Is your dog on a bulk? Maybe he wants to get that new golden doodle of your neighbors to pay him a second glance. Well, he can hit the gym and supplement his diet with oatmeal! Just don’t get the sugary stuff. Strawberries too. I’m hungry now. 

3. Pineapple

can dogs eat pineapple?


Raw pineapple is just fine for your dog. If you are thinking of giving them canned versions, we say avoid it. High sugar and preservatives can cause issues for your dogs intestines. 

2. Watermelon

can dogs eat watermelon?

Can dogs Eat Watermelon?

Only if it’s seedless and doesn’t have any of the skin on it. Both of those parts of the watermelon can cause problems. We recommend avoiding them for dogs, even though they look delicious they’ll be sure to find other things that mesh better with them! Seeds are known to cause intestinal blockages. 

1. Blueberry

Can dogs eat blueberries?

Next time you’re reading your dog food ingredient list, don’t be surprised if blueberries are there! They are packed with antioxidants and a compliment to your dogs help. As always, we recommend fresh over frozen. But, plenty of people feed frozen blueberries to their dogs as well. As long as they aren’t packed with sugar, the good is pretty damn good. 

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