Best Dog Training Collar


Training your dog is a rewarding, and at times frustrating experience. Proper equipment always helps. That’s why we’ve found the best dog training collars and summarized our picks for you in this guide.

dog training collar

Note: Shock collars are not used to teach. They are used to reinforce an already learned behavior. You are changing the stimulus. 

Unfortunately, they can be seen as an easy solution by some dog owners. Using a shock collar to try to correct a commend before your dog fully understands it does more harm than good. This is not a shortcut to effective training, it’s merely a tool.

We do not recommend them for everyday reinforcement. They are great for hunting and recall training if used by an experienced trainer. 

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Verdict: This training collar comes with 3 different modes. Beep, vibration, and shock. You get to choose your training methods from your dog. Making progress easier, you get to choose which method works for your dog the best. 

It currently has over 7400 reviews on Amazon, and 4 stars. It’s been around for a long time, and has a consistent track record of happy customers. You can be sure you’re getting a great value and an efficient way to train your dog. 

Altman Dog Shock Collar
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Verdict: If you’re looking to reinforce behaviors at a distance, this option is incredible at an 1000 foot range. Perfect for hunting, or general retrieving activities. You can fine tune your dog at a distance of nearly 3 football fields away. 

If your doggy happens to jump into a puddle, not a problem. It’s perfectly fine in water. 

The Verdict: Plenty of pet owners lack proper control of their dogs during walks. The dog pulls, the owner goes. This cinch collar is a solution to remedy the behavior. We like it because it’s a humane option. There are no metal spikes, this is not a “choke” collar. 

This is a cue to teach your dog what they’re doing is wrong, but not hurting them! For less than 15 bucks, this option is reflective with actual metal hardware. Not some cheap alloy forged in someones basement. Get to training!


The Verdict: An Oprah featured author, Ceasar has some credibility. Thankfully, this book is straight to the point and helps a new owner go through the process of how to train their dog. 

If you’re looking for hunting dog training, Tom Dokken has an incredible book specific to retrievers. You can find it here.