The 5 Best Dog Water Bowls

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Don’t you just love to see doggos lining up for their meals? We know we do. While making sure that you select the best dog food is a major decision that can affect the health of your pooches, selecting the best dog water bowl is something that should also be given thought!

There are many things to consider when selecting a dog water bowl, including whether or not your furry friend needs an elevated bowl, or a non-slip mat, an outdoor or indoor bowl etc.

Different dog bowls come with different features and some are undoubtedly better than others. Suffice it to say that the many types of water bowls out there can make it difficult for pet parents to determine which one is right for them for their pooch. 

Pros and Cons of Water Bowl Materials

Plastic bowls

Plastic dog bowls come in a variety of colors, sizes, shapes, and styles. Because of the material, they tend to be inexpensive and won’t break easily when dropped and most of them are dishwasher-free too. However, plastic is a material that is not recommended for dogs because they can be easily scratched, and chewed by dogs. Areas which have been bitted and scratched by dogs can be breeding grounds for bacteria. There are also dogs that develop allergies to plastic which can result in a mild skin reaction on your dog’s face or chin. 

Stainless steel bowls

By far the most durable bowls in the market today, the stainless steel bowl is also dishwasher-safe. They mostly feature a non-skid rim on the bottom which helps prevent spilling. The only downside to this type of material, if there is any, is that it doesn’t come in a wide range of designs and colors. However, they are inexpensive and practical and they stand wear and tear quite well. 

Ceramic Bowls

Ceramic or stoneware bowls are a good way for pet parents to express their style. They are often decorated in fun designs and they can easily be made by artists in whatever style requested. They come with a protective glaze that makes them a breeze to clean. However, they are not for clumsy people and pets as they can easily break when dropped. They also tend to crack or chip even when utmost care is taken so they can become really unsafe for dogs. Smaller cracks can also harbor bacteria. If you opt for ceramic bowls, you should inspect it regularly for damage.

Silicone Bowls

If you want a portable dog bowl which can double for use for food and water, a collapsible silicone dog bowl is a very good option. They can be easily collapsed to a flat design so they do not occupy a lot of space and they can be easily opened in an accordion-like fashion. Silicone bowls are relatively durable and are dishwasher-safe.

Choosing the Correct Water Bowl Size for Dogs

A lot of pet parents are at a loss when it comes to the most suitable size of water bowls for their doggos. What size should you buy? Pet parents should change the water on their pet’s bowls on a daily basis and wash out the bowl at the same time. The bowl should also be subjected to a thorough wash once weekly. After washing, it should be rinsed thoroughly and all traces of cleansers and soaps should be used. 

How much should your dog drink? As a rule of thumb, dogs drink about 20 to 40 ml of water per pound of body weight every day. So, a 20-pound dog drinks about 3 to 3 cups of water. Four cups is a liter so that is already a big bowl. It is also important to remember that dogs tend to drink more during summer when it is hot and humid.

The 5 Best Water Dog Bowls

This mirrored bowl features a non-spill design and it keeps the bowl stable, ensuring it won’t slide around the floor while your pooch is drinking. The stainless steel material makes it very easy to clean and prevents rusts. Ultimately, this has a reliable design which should serve pet parents who are looking for high-quality stainless steel that gets the job done without too much fuss. 

You can easily purchase two of these bowls for use both as a water and food bowl. Overall, this is a simple and dependable product which gives pet parents value for their money.

This water bowl is a great option for pet parents who want to ensure that their dog has access to clean and good water even if they are not around. No, we do not encourage pet parents to leave their dogs alone for long periods of time, but having a water bowl like this helps reduce the number of refills needed throughout the day, and helps keep water fresh too. 

This device also comes with an advanced water filtration system and uses antimicrobial protection to prevent diseases and sickness.

This affordable bowl from Loving Pets comes with an interesting design and is a favorite of stylish pet parents. Available in a variety of sizes, it also comes in a few different colors. It is easy to clean because it is made of stainless steel and also prevents bacterial growth. It comes with a removable rubber ring that prevents it from tipping over and helps prevent noise on hard floors. Fret not as the rubber ring can be removed easily when washing the bowl.

This big water bowl is head and shoulders above others with its thermostatically controlled heater which prevents the water from freezing even in cold conditions. This makes it ideal for use outside the home for times when your dog is mainly outdoors. It comes with a power cord comes in steel that is wrapped with chew resistant design. It also consumes very low energy which is great for people trying to save on their electric bills.

This heavy-duty bowl from Bergan is sure to last a long time. One of its main features is the durable construction that is made of stainless steel. It comes in different sizes, so finding one that is suitable for your dog is not a problem. You can choose anything from a 3-cup size to a 17-cup size. 

It’s dishwasher-safe and can also be easily cleaned by hand. The bowl can also be used for dry food without any problems. The bottom is designed with a non-skid base so your dog won’t have to go chasing around a sliding water bowl that throws liquids all over the floor.

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