Best Flea Collar For Dogs(And One For Cats!)


Fleas are like ground flies to us, but a little worse. Why do they have to make things so itchy?

They are capable of making our pets lives miserable and throwing us into panic mode. Knowing that there are little creepy crawlies in my presence gives makes me shudder. But, it also makes me mad. These fleas will pay, and we’ve found ways for you to make them suffer. Science always comes to the rescue with ways to conquer them, and banish their lineage to the netherworld. 


There’s 3 main avenues of attack against fleas or ticks and mosquitoes for that matter. They are a flea dog collar, bath, or drops. Each type has it’s own quirks. Drops come in doses that you reapply over set intervals of time. Collars are the easiest option. Then comes baths.. and while this is super effective, and you get to see your dog all foamy. Just watch out for the eventual patented “dry myself off and get everything wet” shake.

Verdict: 9500+ reviews and a 4 star rating can’t be wrong. This collar is loved by pet owners. It’s water resistant, and long lasting. Not only does it kill flea, but ticks as well. If you’re looking for a convenient option to rid yourself of these pests, this is our number 1 pick. Be mindful that while it is the easiest option, your dog is wearing a strong insecticide. 

The label reads: Keep the collar in the bag and in the outer packaging until use. As with any pesticide product, do not allow small children to play with the collar or reflectors, or to put them into their mouths. Avoid contact with eyes, skin or clothing. Wash thoroughly with soap and cold water after fitting the collar. People with sensitivity reactions to the ingredients of the collar should avoid contact with the collar. Choking hazard. Contains small parts. Do not place collar or reflectors in mouth. Not intended for use on humans

If you have small children that love to play with your dog or your pet tends to sleep in your bed, we do not recommend this. 

Verdict:  LexasPro set out to address some of the concerns with other models of collars. It still includes Tetrachorvinpos at 10%. This is the active ingredient that Bayer uses to ward off insects.  Most users agree it is less effective with larger breeds. The fact that it’s safe for dogs and humans is it’s greatest benefit in our book.

If it’s not as effective on your larger breed as harsher brands, it’s possible to pair it with a flea killing shampoo. This “hits the spot” when you need it, allowing your dog a nicer alternative to having stronger chemicals around their neck constantly. 

Verdict: Once your dog is 3 months old, this flea and tick prevention collar can help your dog overcome those nasty pests. It is the cheapest option, under 20 bucks. Gleaming reviews, and testaments to it’s effectiveness intrigued us. For such an inexpensive item, we’re happily surprised. 

The draws are that it lasts the least amount of time of collars discussed so far. That’s okay though, we think if your ticks aren’t gone in six months you might have a bigger problem. 

A neat little plus is that this company donates to charity for each collar purchased. 

The Verdict: What’s not to love about this product? We really couldn’t find any negatives. It uses all natural ingredients, it’s a cruelty free product, and affordable! If you’re looking to give your dogs skin some relief this is for you. Those bloodthirsty fleas won’t know what hit them. While this isn’t a replacement for insecticide therapies, the ingredients(mainly eucalyptus) have been shown to ward off fleas temporarily. It’s main benefit is relieving your dog from itchy, scratchy skin. 

There are 14 different varieties. We like the Mango Tango. 

The Verdict: Flea drops are a simple alternative to collars and baths. This pack comes with 3 doses and is rated for a dog between 45-88 lbs. Suitable for killing fleas and all stages of brown dog ticks. Including deer ticks(perpetrators of Lyme disease). 

It is usable on puppies, but what 8 week old puppy is 45 lbs? 

The solution is to stagger the dosage. If your dog is between 45-88 lbs then give them one full dose. If your dog weighs less than this, give them a smaller amount. If you have a larger dog, we recommend this dosage. If you have a smaller dog or puppy and don’t want to deal with measuring a dose out, we recommend this.