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Retractable Dog Leash Guide

The Retractable Dog Leash​

It's a bird! It's a plane! Oh, sorry... it's just a retractable dog leash..

For the responsible pet owner, a retractable dog leash is a must have. Having the discretion and control to choose an appropriate leash-length for your walk is very important. Retractable dog leashes have a lot of fragile moving parts, more than any other leash type. If you buy cheap, these mechanisms easily break under extreme stress and resistance. The result? Quality is important. Our recommendation takes this into account. If your dog is a puller, make sure you find a heavy duty option! We really like this one here. For general purpose, we give our top value in the best overall section.

When we considered price, build quality, features, and options for dog sizes there was one standout. The Flexi New Classic Cord Leash. With over 800 reviews and 4.5 stars on Amazon, this is a quality product with exceptional value. 

This new design includes a bite belt to protect the lead. It comes in four color options. They are black, blue, pink, and red. The short stroke braking system is responsive and sturdy. All of this for under 25 bucks makes us happy campers!

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Retractable Dog Leash By Length

Not many companies make leashes up to this length. None make them longer(as of yet). Coming in at 26 feet, the Flexi Giant is our top pick for length and value. 

Boasting 4.5 stars on Amazon currently, users are happy with the quality of this leash overall. They’ve improved their handle, making it contour to the shape of your hands easier. We like this look over the plain housing of most leashes in this category. Our main gripe is that the warranty is rather thin at 1 year. It was still on par or longer than any competitor.

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For extra long leashes, retractable products currently available cut off at 26 feet. However, they do make 50 foot leashes. They’re just not retractable. You can find find one here. They come in 50 feet to 30 feet.

At this length, our pick was easy. Triton makes an up to 16 feet retractable dog leash with a lifetime guarantee.  Over 500 reviews, and 4.5 stars demonstrate that users feel the same way we do on Amazon. 

Did we mention it’s under 20 bucks and comes with a collapsible water bowl? No??? Well, it does. The value of this product is actually amazing. Its adjustable range is from 0 to 16 feet. We even see many people using this for cats. 

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Thunderleash has designed a “no-pull” solution for dogs. It uses a chest strap to adhere to your large dog. Or small dog, this comes in 4 sizes. This gives you more control. When you need to stop, instead of their neck yanking backwards. This feels much better.

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An interesting looking contraption design wise. It’s purpose is as clear as day, you get to take two dogs out with you! This is the only brand currently manufacturing dual dog leashes.

Feature packed this dual retractable leash includes reflective leads and a gel handle. They’re bright neon so you can be seen easily and each lead is individually controllable. That means that if Fido is a little more relaxed than Sparky, you can give him a little more slack. This is not meant for large dogs, it’s recommended to keep them under 50 lbs. It also has a shorter length than most leads understandably. Coming in at 10 feet max. 

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The Bad

A review of chew proof retractable leashes

We have come to the conclusion that they don’t really exist. If you have a dog that lived a past life as a saber-tooth tiger, the best option is to correct their behavior. All leashes are susceptible to damage from chewing. However, there is a solution we recommend to correct this behavior.

Paired with catching the behavior and discouraging it in the first place, we recommend using anti-chew bitter spray or some other means to discourage your dog. Once they learn through repetition that they’ll be tasting something nasty they will alter their behavior. Unless they like sour apples!

Negatives About Retractable Dog Leashes

Scouring the Facebook posts and reviews related to these leashes we have occasionally come across some negatives. Many times people relate a story of an owner getting a friction burn when their dog takes off and the leash rubs against their skin. Other times we heard about situations where owners had altercations with retractable leash dogs. All because they were given too much slack.

Our view on these leashes is that most of the negatives are user error. If the owner is not in control of their dog for the appropriate length or is holding it improperly, these things can happen.

In conclusion, there are many great high-quality options for these leashes and owners tend to be pleased with their product once they properly researched it!

Should I Use A Retractable Dog Leash For My Puppy?

We do not recommend using it for a puppy. Rather, a regular leash would work best. Our reasoning is that when your dog is going through it’s formative stages in life, it needs to know that it should keep close to you when you’re out and about. Habits are hard to break, so that’s why you set the behavioral foundation first. Eventually you can switch to a retractable leash and your dog will have an expectation of boundaries.