Healthy Foods For Dogs

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Chances are you’re on to the fact that regular dry dog food.. isn’t that healthy.

Dogs evolved to be carnivorous. That’s why they have a shorter digestive tract. In addition to being meat eaters, they did not evolve to eat kibble! With many of the name brands being mass produced in factories in China, consumers have rightfully started looking for alternatives. In 2014 you may have heard of many brands causing liver failures in dogs. Thanks to the factories attempting to cut corners and add a chemical that was harmful. 


Popular diets outside of dry dog food are in two main categories. Raw(uncooked meat and vegetables) and cooked. Wikipedia has a great article on the categorizations here.

The solution to home cooked or raw meals is to not overthink it. If you follow a few simple mantras, you can give your dog a fully nutritional diet packed with the nutrients it needs to be healthy.

Above all, know what to avoid.

1. For meat do not choose pork if you’re doing a raw diet! It is a haven for parasites. While cooked pork may be fine on sale, raw pork is bad news. What happens to people who eat raw pork you ask?  Check out this brain scan.

All those beautiful little white dots are parasites. This image is from a Chinese woman who ate raw pork for 10 years. Yummy. 

2. Add minimum supplementation. Vitamin E, Zinc, and Iodine are the three vitamins/minerals most often to be lacking in a raw diet. Don’t overdo it! 

3. Avoid certain foods. If it’s hard to digest or processed, it’s probably not a good idea. Things like nuts, chocolate, guacamole, garlic, and onions should not be part of their diet. All of these don’t play nice with their digestive systems. 

4. Have fun. Improving your dogs life is a rewarding experience. You may notice more energy or a shinier coat. Once you pick out a mix of fruits, vegetables, and meats as the base of the diet it’s time to experiment! While it may be harder as an owner to plan, your dog will love you for it. 

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