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How to Deshed a Short-Haired Dog

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Shedding is a natural process that allows our dogs new coat to come in. 

There are breeds of dogs that shed all year round while others only do so seasonally. Dog breeds with slow growing hair shed little. 

Regardless if you have a short-haired or a long-haired dog, as a pet parent it is very helpful to know about deshedding. Doing so will help you deal with the amount of hair your pet might leave around the home.

dog deshedding

Suffice it to say that it is more than embarrassing to have guests leaving the home covered in your doggo’s hair!  They might not show it but shedding is also uncomfortable for dogs. It can be itchy and can cause a few skin complications and it is all the more reason to deshed. Plus, they’ll feel fabulous after!

What does deshedding mean, exactly?

Deshedding is the removal of the loose undercoat hair of a dog. Deshedding your dog means ridding him of hair which will eventually find its way on the furniture and your clothes. 

There are several benefits that come with deshedding, the most important of which is making your pet comfortable and keeping his coat healthy and shiny.
Regular deshedding also allows pet parents to monitor how much hair their furry friend is losing. Excessive shedding can be something to watch out for. 

Do some dogs shed less?

A dog that never sheds doesn’t exist. The myth of a 100% shed-free dog is just that, a myth. However, there are some canines which shed notably less than others. The good news is there are ways to prevent and reduce shedding and certain tools that can be used so that you do not end up with hair on your body, clothes, and furniture.

Why do some dogs shed less?

It all boils down to genetics. Your dog’s breed will influence how much he is going to shed. A study published by the Nature Science Journal has confirmed that the one reason for how much dogs will shed is determined by his genes, which is also the same thing that influences his body size and fur length. It is worth purchasing a set of tools to make grooming your pet easier and quicker. Grooming your dog is not only essential in keeping him healthy and clean, but it can also be a great time for both of you to bond with each other.

Long-Haired versus Short-Haired Dogs: Is There a Difference?

Just a little wag of their tail or the excitement on their faces as they hear you coming in the door after a long day at work is enough to brighten anyone’s day. Dogs are amazing and lovable creatures and there is a very good reason why people like them so much. However, dogs can be high maintenance, depending on the breed. There are long-haired dogs and there are also short-haired dogs and even hairless dogs.

Choosing to have either a long-haired or short-haired dog will mainly depend on the experience you have. Some people like looking at sleek coats and do not mind putting in the extra effort while others would rather not bother and prefer to keep things simple.
All dogs shed hair, there are those that shed all year-round while there are those that only do so occasionally. Dogs that shed throughout the year mainly drop small hairs that you can hardly notice. Dogs that shed seasonally normally are typically those that have double coats and depending on the weather, they shed a lot of furs.

Shedding cannot be reduced or stopped because it is a natural process. It is similar to humans sweating or shedding dead skin cells. The good thing is shedding can be controlled through regular brushing or removing dead hairs before they begin falling off. This will reduce the amount of hair that goes to the carpets, furniture, and clothes.

Deshedding Tips for Short-Haired Dogs

Short-haired dogs deserve just as much attention as long-haired dogs when it comes to deshedding and grooming. While it is easy to assume that dogs with short hair only need wash-and-go baths, they need a bit more than that. Do not forget that short-haired dogs also shed and while their shedding does not fall out in huge clumps, they do shed all year-round in less noticeable amounts.

Practice the tips below and prepare when some of your friends ask you just how you keep your doggo’s coat shiny and healthy all year-round. After all, your best shedding defense is a good offense, in this case, an awesome grooming routine.

Get a good brush

Consider a good brush a very wise investment. Short-haired dogs need constant brushing with a brush that is specifically made for them. A stiff bristle brush helps remove the maximum amount of dead hair and this is what you should look for.

Get a good brush

Consider a good brush a very wise investment. Short-haired dogs need constant brushing with a brush that is specifically made for them. A stiff bristle brush helps remove the maximum amount of dead hair and this is what you should look for.

Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner

Canines with short hair should be bathed at least once a week. No, there is no such thing as bathing your dog only when he needs it. Dogs travel with us, go on long walks outside, and even sleep in our beds and they do all these things without any foot protection such as shoes, so just imagine how dirty they can get. Bathing your dog weekly also comes with the added benefit of removing dead hair and dander and giving their coats the moisture it needs.

Brush your dog thoroughly before giving him a bath. This step will help loosen and remove any dead hair and loosen dander and dry skin flakes, so the shampoo is better able to penetrate your dog’s skin when he is given a bath. Only opt for gentle shampoos with natural ingredients that will not leave any residual stickiness behind.

There is a lot of debate when it comes to using conditioners for dogs with short hairs or coats and the decision to use a conditioner or not will depend largely if you think it is needed for your dog’s coat. Short-haired dogs won’t need any more than light conditioners which can be easily rinsed out or left in.

Make sure you gather all your supplies and have everything prepared when you bathe your dog. This will make the whole process easier and a lot quicker.

Use a deshedding blade

A lot of owners feel scared when they hear deshedding blade. However, it is not as bad as it sounds. This metal comb does very little damage to your dog and all pet parents need is to be willing to try it out. The only problem with these blades is that they can sometimes pull on tangles and matted hair, so it is a must to always bathe your dog, apply conditioner, and have a slicker brush to tackle tangles.

A deshedding blade removes a lot of hair, so make sure you do the work outside the home because it can easily get your carpet full of hair. It is a messy process. Again, remember to shampoo and condition your dog’s hair, and use the blade from front to back, drawing along the coat in strokes that are light, smooth and firm.

Use a force dryer

A force dryer is another name for a high-powered blow dryer. It can easily break up clumps of matted hair and it is the ultimate tool for deshedding a short-haired dog that constantly sheds. Professional groomers use this and amongst all solutions, this is the one that costs the most. It is not cheap but it will pay for itself if you have been using a professional groomer for deshedding. However, you must know that using a force dryer is a very messy business so you have to be prepared. The whole process of force drying involves the following steps:

  • Shampooing
  • Detangling while working in tons of conditioner
  • Using the force dryer to blow out the undercoat
  • Avoid blow drying your dog’s ears and eyes
  • Finishing the job with a slicker dog brush and brushing to remove the loose undercoat

Keeping Your Dog Calm While Grooming

If you are new to grooming your dog, you might be having challenges when it comes to keeping your furry friend calm while you go about your business. Many pet parents find it difficult to keep their beloved canine still.

Put your dog at ease by being calm. Stroke your dog gently to release any anxiety or stress. Praise your doggo to help him settle more easily. Your touch and attention will give your canine friend reassurance that nothing bad will happen.
For a new pup, grooming equipment can be scary and alien. These instruments look and feel unusual and make strange noises.

So, let them explore the equipment to familiarize them. Hold the clippers or brush in front of them and let them sniff or touch them. You want the introduction to be a pleasant experience so that they understand that there is nothing to be scared of.

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