The Top Reasons You Own A Husky

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Winter incarnate, a dog from the north. The Husky is an entertaining, energetic, wild breed of man’s best friend. Reasons from owning one are varied, but they’re all because you share some kind of wild child that never grew up!

A Quick Summary of the reasons!

6. Cold resonates with you
5. Running for hours is your thing
4.You Wear Sweaters in 90+ Degree heat
3. You’ve got the crazy eyes
2. Tug of war is your favorite sport
1. Your attention span is SHORT

6. Cold resonates with you

“It’s such a beautiful day outside!” Ah you know the type, they wait until summer to proclaim the beauty of nature. But, what about the deep beauty of cold.. icicles.. shivering? Do they not realize how lovely it is? What about not having to pay more for A/C? Do you know how much those electric companies charge! We can just layer in the cold you say! 

On the other hand, your dog would rather lay in a vat of ice than be outside when its above 20 degrees. You .. you might be a Husky owner. 

5. Running for hours is your thing

A boundless tank of energy. You are Ms. Starbucks. You don’t even need the coffee, but you feel like people will judge you if they realized you were actually just this way naturally. So.. you get your coffee for show. For most people life is a slow slugging drag through the trenches of routine and the occasional honk during rush hour. For you.. it’s GAME TIME. You definitely have a spirit animal. 

4. You Wear Sweaters in 90+ Degree heat

It might be hot outside, but you have a coat on. You’re not sure why you do or why you don’t mind the heat but .. it’s just your thing now and part of your style. While Husky’s might be bred for the cold, they have no problem wearing their thick coat in the middle of summer and still outplaying their other canine pals. The true summer sweater weather icon. 

3. You've got the crazy eyes

You know when people post mug shots on your feed or you see a wife that ran away from her husband to elope with a guy she met on craigslist? You know the type, they have the look of someone who decided injecting caffeine into their heart is a cool thing to do. The CRAZY EYES. Well, what if your eyes looked like that all the time? You might be a Husky. If you’re a crazy eye connoisseur, you might be a husky owner. 

2. Tug of war is your favorite sport

Enjoy.. pulling stuff? Maybe you’re into crossfit. In the dog world the crossfit rep would be a Husky. They even got famous for pulling snow people along and having a blast while doing it in their sleds. Is that an Olympic sport? Horse racing is a big deal.. we need more dog sledding. 

Tug of war is truly a thing that happens far too infrequently in life you might say. Fond memories of pulling harder than your opposition, the bloodline of the wolf finds a true parallel with your viewpoint. 

1. Your attention span is SHORT

A ball, wait a noise, wait a ball.. is moving? Gravity what have you done! Husky’s are the kid in class who was so obsessed with their sensory organs they were deemed to have “selective hearing”. Everything is entertaining and life is a blast, the ballad of the husky. We can fully appreciate this, and it’s part of what makes this breed enduring. An active mind, body, and motor!

If you have any lovable, hilarious, or general Husky stories.. give us a holler! We love hearing and sharing anecdotes from our readers about their pets and we would love to add it to this article. 

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