One Man Raised Two Cats into Their 30s

Bacon, eggs, broccoli, and coffee. This diet was the fuel of two of the longest living cats ever recorded. Grandpa was 34 years old, and Creme Puff lived to be 38. 

Jake Perry of Austin, Texas is an interesting man. A plumber by trade, he loves cats. Raised on a farm that had many, they are the type of pet he gravitated to. Talking about allergies and how some people can’t own them he says, “God makes each kind of critter for your choice”. 

Buffy the Vampire is the name of one of his cats. Which is perfect, because they never seem to die in his care and they like to bite! His love is obvious, he even built a theater for them. 

What does it all have in common though? Plenty of people love their cats. Plenty of cats die young still. The only thing that stands out to us is the diet. You can see Jake talk about it here


Healthy Foods For Dogs

Chances are you’re on to the fact that regular dry dog food.. isn’t that healthy.

Dogs evolved to be carnivorous. That’s why they have a shorter digestive tract. In addition to being meat eaters, they did not evolve to eat kibble! With many of the name brands being mass produced in factories in China, consumers have rightfully started looking for alternatives. In 2014 you may have heard of many brands causing liver failures in dogs. Thanks to the factories attempting to cut corners and add a chemical that was harmful. 


Popular diets outside of dry dog food are in two main categories. Raw(uncooked meat and vegetables) and cooked. Wikipedia has a great article on the categorizations here.

The solution to home cooked or raw meals is to not overthink it. If you follow a few simple mantras, you can give your dog a fully nutritional diet packed with the nutrients it needs to be healthy.

Above all, know what to avoid.

1. For meat do not choose pork if you’re doing a raw diet! It is a haven for parasites. While cooked pork may be fine on sale, raw pork is bad news. What happens to people who eat raw pork you ask?  Check out this brain scan.

All those beautiful little white dots are parasites. This image is from a Chinese woman who ate raw pork for 10 years. Yummy. 

2. Add minimum supplementation. Vitamin E, Zinc, and Iodine are the three vitamins/minerals most often to be lacking in a raw diet. Don’t overdo it! 

3. Avoid certain foods. If it’s hard to digest or processed, it’s probably not a good idea. Things like nuts, chocolate, guacamole, garlic, and onions should not be part of their diet. All of these don’t play nice with their digestive systems. 

4. Have fun. Improving your dogs life is a rewarding experience. You may notice more energy or a shinier coat. Once you pick out a mix of fruits, vegetables, and meats as the base of the diet it’s time to experiment! While it may be harder as an owner to plan, your dog will love you for it. 

Dog Breed: The Golden Retriever

The Greek God of Beauty and Partying

If you met a golden retriever at a party, he would be the guy that is smiling from ear to ear for no reason at all. Kind of a Will Ferrel type I’d say. You’d probably think he’d gotten a new prescription or finalized his divorce but nope, that’s just Max over there people would say. Max is a happy guy!

In this weeks breed breakdown we check out the Golden’s. Really, they should be America’s animal. They’ve been deemed the land version. I would much rather pet one than a Bald Eagle. They can’t compare with the undiluted orb of happiness that encompasses the golden’s being. 

golden retriever

  • Adorable
  • Can Eat Anything
  • Loves anyone for no reason at all

Apparently, the American type of Golden is the weakest in terms of musculature. We figure this is because of it’s immense brain power, it couldn’t support the extra calories muscles would take. Because it’s a keen animal. 

Golden Retriever Lifespan

They typically live 10-12 years after which point they realize they are too cool for you and take off for doggie heaven. But, in reality the memories will last forever!

Famous Goldens

The most recent white house big shot was Victory. She belonged to Ronald Reagan. 

Oprah Winfrey and Adam Levine also own goldens, so that’s pretty cool if you ask us. 

But perhaps you’re asking yourself..hmm? Wasn’t there that one..YES. In 1997 a finely scripted movie hit the markets. Blasting away preconceived notions of what and what not a golden retriever is capable of. You guessed it right… Air Bud! 

famous golden retriever


Ask yourself, is it edible? If your answer is yes then it is in their diet whether it’s good for them or not. 

Ask yourself again, is it not edible but big enough to fit in their mouth? Then to a golden, this is additionally edible. 

Golden Retriever Price

Huge range here! It can vary between 500 and 3000 dollars. It really depends on the breeder.

By the way! If you do go to a breeder, make sure you do your homework on them.

You’ll want to try to avoid the emotional attachment that comes with love at first pet. Make sure they have references, check out the parents, and the premises. Talking to a breeder and getting a feel if they’re purely running a business or if their pets are well cared for. 


Golden Retrievers are awesome. Go get you one!

3 reasons to buy a LED dog collar

led dog collar

              Accessories accessories everywhere but what the heck if it’s dark? Those little bandannas? All the rage in my heart. We seek to provide our beloved pets with all of the things they need to be safe and comfortable, from good, healthy food to a comfy bed and some awesome toys. One of the most important accessories we select for our canine companions is a dog collar. So that they can never get away(muahuahuah)! Okay, just kidding. Dog collars can be pretty great, it’s more than just a hoop with a clip. 

There is a huge variety of  of dog collars available for purchase.  An emerging type of collar uses LEDs. Who would of thought? I can put some sweet lights in this collar! My neighbors are going to be sooo jealous. 

Let’s go over the main benefits of this gear.


Increased Visibility

 The number one benefit is safety! It does this by increasing visibility and looking cool doing it. In the case of traditional dog collars, the only part that is visible in low light-settings is the flash of the metal dog tags against a light source, such as a flashlight, street lamp or a car’s headlights. 
An LED dog collar is specifically geared towards increasing the dog’s visibility in a low light setting or even in complete darkness. If Uncle Billy had too much eggnog one night and is cruising down the road, we have to stand out…  in style!


We all know how cool light up shoes were back in the day. They even seem to be making a comeback along with everything LED related. Now with this addition to dog wear we can play it off and pretend we’re still just being a responsible adult.”Oh yes, I just wanted to be more safe!” The outward deception, we know you know it looks cool okay. I don’t blame you for it, you cool LED dog leash having owner you.


Surprisingly they aren’t that expensive. Most models run in the 20-30 dollar range and even have rechargable batteries(via usb). That’s pretty cool if you ask me.